Patch Notes 1.3.30
I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

  • Minsitthar
    Minsitthar Courageous Warrior
    Diamonds 599. BP 32.000. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount. Available to the whole Official Server from 20th, November.
    Hero Specialty: Minsitthar is a Fighter with crowd control. He can call Royal Guards to fight together with him and stop enemies from using directional Blink skills.
    • Skill 1 - Spear of Glory
      Minsitthar stabs ahead with the Spear of Glory, dealing Physical Damage to all enemy units along the way. When pulling back the spear. Minsitthar will also pull towards himself the first enemy hero that the spear hits, dealing Physical Damage and knocking them back.
    • Skill 2 - Shield Assault
      Minsitthar awakens the strength of the Golden Shield and releases the power within forward. The power explodes upon hitting the first enemy unit and deals Physical Damage to all enemies in the area. Meanwhile, he obtains Shield and increases Movement Speed immediately. The first enemy will be stunned and the other enemies will be knocked back.
    • Skill 3 - King's Calling
      Minsitthar charges a short distance forward and calls 4 Royal Guards to form a field and fight together with him. When staying in the area, Minsitthar increases his Physical and Magical Defense. Enemies within the field reduces Movement Speed and can not use directional Blink skills. (The Royal Guards can not move, but they'll attack enemies in the field first.)
    • Passive - All United
      Minsitthar inspires the whole team. When teammates slay the enemy heroes, he obtains extra Gold wherever he is; whenever Minsitthar himself slay enemies, all the teammates obtain extra Gold.
  • Hanzo
    Hanzo Akuma Ninja
    Diamonds 599, BP 32.000, Launch Week 30% Diamond OFF. Will be available in December.
    Hero Specialty: Hanzo is a cruel Assassin. He can perform supreme Ninjutsu with the help of “Ame no Habakiri", dashing towards the back-lines and assassinate them silently.
    Sealed State:
    • Skill 1 - Ninjutsuz Demon Feast
      Harith creates a phantom of himself that cast the same skill. Deals Magic Damage to all enemy units on the path. When the 2 gushes meet, they will explode and deal Magic Damage to all enemies within the's damage. Any actions that cancels Leomord's charge automatically triggers the attack.
    • Skill 2 - Ninjutsuz Soul Reap
      Harith blinks to a designated direction. When he arrives. he steals the Magic ATK of nearby enemy heroes and generates a shield that absorbs DMG. Harith’s next basic attack deals higher DMG and slows the enemy. When this attack hits an enemy, reduce the CD of next Chrono Dash.
    • Skill 3 - Kinjutsuz Pinnacle Ninja
      LHarith uses his Key to summon the Zaman Force. When the multidirectional rift appears, the next cool down of Chrono Dash is reduced. The rift then immobilizes nearby enemy heroes and slows them for a period of time. (If Harith comes into contact with the rift when using Chrono Dash, he will absorb the energy within it, so as to reduce the cooldown of the next Synchro Fission/Chrono Dash. respectively)
    • Passive - Ame no Habakiri
      Harith gains insight from his Key. He immediately gains Resilience (dependent on the number of nearby enemy heroes). After casting skills several times, Harith's next Synchro Fission deals higher damage.
    Pinnacle Ninja State:
    • Skill 1 - Ninjutsuz Demon Thorn
      Unlocks temporarily after five basic attacks. Hanzo summons Demon Thom full of Demon Blood Power to attack enemies in a designated direction. If the Attack Speed is fast enough, each attack of Hanzo can unlock two stacks.
    • Skill 2 - Ninjutsuz Devastator
      Hanzo transforms into Demon Pneuma and dashes towards the designated place, dealing destructive Damage within this area.
    • Skill 3 - Kinjutsuz Pinnacle Ninja
      Use this skill and the Blood Demon returns to Hanzo immediately.
II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check the Server Time

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/16 05:01:00 to 2018/11/23 05:00:00

Karina Akai Franco Argus Roger Irithel Zhask Angela

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Alpha Cyclops Helcurt Karrie Pharsa Lesley

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/23 05:01:00 to 2018/10/30 05:00:00

Fanny Chou Irithel Vexana Diggie Grock Lancelot Valir

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Lolita Johnson Argus Roger Lapu-Lapu Hanabi

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/30 05:01:00 to 2018/12/7 05:00:00

Clint Kagura Helcurt Johnson Aurora Estes Gatotkaca Jawhead

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Natalia Yi Sun-shin Hilda Harley Chang'e Selena

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/12/7 05:01:00 to 2018/12/14 05:00:00

Sun Karina Hayabusa Pharsa Gatotkaca Zhask Jawhead Lesley

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Kagura Hylos Gusion Lancelot Hanabi Selena

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/12/14 05:01:00 to 2018/12/21 05:00:00

Hayabusa Akai Vexana Odette Karrie Estes Grock Gusion

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Gord Johnson Pharsa Sun Helcurt Jawhead

Minsitthar - King Of War
Minsitthar King of War
Diamond 269. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00 20th, November (Server Time).
Fanny - Royal Cavalry
Fanny Royal Cavalry
Starlight Member Skin available from 00:00 1st, December (Server Time).
Irithel - Sagittarius
Irithel Sagittarius
Skin obtainable through the [Zodiac Summon].
Sun - Street Legend
Sun Street Legend
Skin obtainable through the [Lucky Shop]
III. Hero Adjustments

  1. In order to improve the fluency in display. the skill effects of some heroes are hidden under the Low Display setting.
  2. Optimized some skill effects and the display logic of flying bullets.
  3. Added a new crowd control [Grounded]: the Grounded Hero can not use any directional Blink skills (Minsitthar‘s Ult can perform such control effect).
  4. In this patch, the following Heroes are with lots of adjustments: Kimmy, Claude, Hylos, Hilda, Belerick, Kaja.

  • Kimmy
    Fixed a problem where the Basic Attack may be unable to stop when quickly tapping on the Attack button and when slain.
    Fixed a problem where Kimmy can perform attack when she's under Crowd Control.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Energy Transformation
      Fixed a problem where there was no limitation of Spell Vamp. Now this skill can only enjoy 40% effect of Spell Vamp. Adjusted Physical Bonus of this skill to 0.4 from 0.5 and the Magic Bonus to 0.4 from 0.6.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Chemical Refinement
      Adjusted Cooldown to 12/11.4/10.8/10.2/9.6/9 from 10/9.4/8.8/8.2/7.6/7.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Maximum Charge
      Adjusted CD to 20/18/16 seconds from 16/14/12 seconds.
  • Claude
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 7 from 8.
    • Passive
      Passive - Battle Side-By-Side
      Adjusted Dexter's Damage to 35% from 50%.
  • Hylos
    Adjusted Basic HP Regen to 62 from 42.
    Adjusted HP Regen Growth to 8 from 3.
  • Hilda
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Combat Ritual
      Reduced its Cooldown by 1s of all Levels.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Power of Wildness
      Now the Damage will ignore 60% of the target's Physical Defense (adjusted from 40%) at max stacks.
  • Belerick
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Power of Nature
      Adjusted the Physical Attack and HP regeneration strengthened by HP lost to 8% from 6%.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Nature's Shield
      Now the Damage dealt to Belerick is reduced by 40%/42.5%/45% from 30%/35%/40%.
  • Kaja
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Divine Judgment
      Now the controlling effect of this skill can not be removed by Purify.
  • Tigreal
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Sacred Hammer
      Fixed a problem where he can’t collide with the next target when he slays an enemy.
  • Hanabi
    • Passive
      Passive - Ninjutsu Equinox
      Fixed a problem where her Passive still exists when the Shield is broken by Blade Armor.
  • Roger
    Optimized some skill effects and the display logic of flying bullets.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Wolf Transformation
      Fixed a problem where he can’t transform into human after respawning when he gets slain while using the skill.
  • Alucard
    Optimized the Skill descriptions.
  • Lesley
    Adjusted initial Physical ATK to 123 from 115.
  • Jawhead
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 8.25 from 7.05.
  • Irithel
    Adjusted the basic movement speed to 260 from 250.
  • Harith
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Synchro Fission
      Fixed the wrong description of the color effects in the Skill Info.
  • Gatotkaca
    Adjusted Basic HP to 2629 from 2709.
    Adjusted HP Growth to 210 from 225.
  • Thamuz
    • Passive
      Passive - Grand Lord Lava
      Adjusted Physical ATK Bonus to 1.1 from 0.9.
  • Layla
    Optimized the battlefield effects of the original Skin.
  • Alice
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Blood Ode
      Now the regeneration effect is 70% (adjusted from 60%) when Alice uses this Skill and hits non-hero units.
  • Johnson
    • Passive
      Passive - Electro Airbag
      Adjusted CD to 100s from 75s.
  • Helcurt
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Shadow Rush
      Adjusted the indicator to be the same as the real range of the skill.
  • Leomord
    Fixed a problem where Leomord‘s Basic Attack Splat will be affected by Spell Vamp.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Phantom Steed
      Adjusted CD to 55/50/45 seconds from 50/45/40 seconds. Increased the Movement Speed in the Mounted State.
IV. Battlefield Adjustments

  • Divine Glaive
    Divine Glaive
    Fixed the problem where the "Spellbreaker" effect is inappropriately activated when player purchases it with HP more than 70%.


  1. Optimized the Medal Awarding System: The battle scores of the 4th and 5th place players of the winning side must fall within a certain range of the 3rd place player in order to earn a gold medal.
  2. Resilience: Now it can reduce the “Feared” effect duration.
  3. Brawl: [Fire On!] - Fixed a problem where Cannonball can be used towards several enemies at the same time.

  • Execute
    Now deals additional True Damage equal to 10% of the enemy's lost HP, ignores any shield effects.
  • Purify
    Fixed a problem where certain display effects will disappear after using Purify.
    Fixed a problem where heroes can still be knocked up or knocked back when they should be immune to controls after using Purify. Adjusted the time of being immune to controls to 1.2s from 1.8s.
  • Retribution
    Adjusted the Damage Reduction effect to its Passive - when players jungle with jungling equipment, the damage they take by Creeps will reduce by 40%.
  • Sprint
    Now Movement Speed decays after using Sprint 3 seconds, instead of after 2 seconds. Within this duration, Hero is immune to slowing effects and reduces 40% of time being controlled.
  • Healing Spell
    Regenerates 14% HP of themselves from 12%. Adjusted the Cooldown to 110 seconds from 120 seconds.
  • Flicker
    Removed the effect of reducing CC time after using Flicker. Now heroes will get an increase of Physical and Magical defense (6~20 points) after using Flicker.

  • Jungle
    Custom Jungle Emblem
    Durability: renamed as [Iron] - the damage taken by Creeps reduces by 7% per level.
  • Wild Power
    Wild Power
    Removed the extra Damage dealt to Heroes. Now the Hero using Retribution to enemies will gain extra 50 Gold when the target enemies are slain. Next time the Gold obtained by this way will increase by 10. Can obtain up to 1100 Gold.
  • Unbending Will
    Unbending Will
    Adjusted the increased Damage to 0.2% from 0.15% each time the Heroes lose their 1% HP. Adjusted the max of this effect to 12% from 10%.
  • Disabling Strike
    Disabling Strike
    After slowing down enemies. increases Physical Attack for a short time. This effect ends when dealing next Damage.
  • Weapon Master
    Weapon Master
    Adjusted the extra Physical Attack Bonus to 10% from 8%.
  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    Adjusted the limit of the obtained Gold to 1300 from 1500.
  • Killing Spree
    Killing Spree
    Now regenerates 15% HP, instead of 12% HP from every hero
V. New Systems & Events

  1. [FRENZY] Mode is soon available again! It will be open from 00:00, 22nd November to 00:00, 29th November.
    [Frenzy] Mode Instructions: Players can obtain by many means all kinds of Items to get strengthened. Use the Items in the right time and improve the specialties of Heroes! Besides, Turkeys that carry lots of Gold will show up in the battlefield. Players can obtain massive Gold by attacking them! The Lord will also leave rare Items when slain. The Lord can be summoned to fight together with you for a period of time! Have fun!

    1. Players must be Lv.9 or above and have more than 90 Credit Scores to enter the Frenzy Mode.
    2. To play Frenzy Mode, players must download all the additional resources.
    3. In Frenzy Mode, players can get chest points, EXP and BP as usual.
    4. Data in Frenzy Mode won’t be accumulated to unlock achievements. And the data won't be recorded in Profile and Leaderboards.
    5. Players can replay their Frenzy Mode matches in History and Replay.
  2. Added a new mode - PRACTICE
    In order to help players to get familiar with the heroes they own in the most cost-effective way, we have added a new mode - PRACTICE, where they will be exploring the skills and combo against highly customized and multi-functional training bots. Players can enter by [Custom] - Practice Mode.
    1. All data in the Practice Mode won’t be shown in Personal Profile, History, Achievements, Daily Quests, etc.
    2. Players can summon Bots, increase levels and reset Cooldown in the Practice Mode to better understand the heroes.
    3. Players can only use the heroes they've already owned in the Practice Mode.
    All Heroes are free to use in Practice Mode from 0:00, 20th November to 0:00, 4th December (Server Time).
  3. Now all new Mastery Code is on-line! All Heroes have their own Mastery Code in which contains Mastery, background stories and Plot-related tasks:
    1. Mastery: Partake in matches or complete the plot-related tasks can both increase the Mastery Points of Heroes, which reflect player’s understanding of Heroes.
    2. Plot-Related Tasks: We designed four chapters of each Hero depending on their background stories. Each task matches a chapter. When you finish the first chapter, the next one will be automatically unlocked for you.
    3. Rewards:
      1. When the Mastery Points is fully stacked, it will be turned into a new Mastery Badge. It will show to other players in the loading page.
      2. When finishing all the tasks of a Hero, massive Mastery Points and Twilight Coins are guaranteed. Twilight Coins can be used to exchange for Sacred Statue of Heroes.
  4. New system [Sacred Statue] is on-line! Players can turn their Turrets into the statue of their Heroes. The rules are as follows:
    1. You can purchase the Sacred Statue of each Hero in the Shop.
    2. You can equip the Sacred Statue after locking your Hero.
    3. When you are close to the Allied Turrets, the "Summon Sacred Statue" Button will show up.
    4. Each summon cools down in several minutes. One Turret can be summoned once only.
  5. Brand new Zodiac Summon System! You can open the Shop and go to the “Zodiac Summon"page. Hurry up and get your own Zodiac Skins!
    1. You can spend 20 Diamonds to summon once or 100 Diamonds for 5 times.
    2. Each time you summon, 1~5 Star Power will be given to you together with some random rewards. When the Star Power reaches 100, you can get the Zodiac Skin of this turn!
    3. Each time you summon, you have the chances of obtaining 100 Star Power. Then you can own the Zodiac Skin of this turn right away!
    4. The Zodiac Skins are changed every month. Don't hesitate to get the Skins of this turn!
    5. Each Zodiac Skin you own will add 10 Star Power to the next turn (up to 60 Star Power).
  6. [Battle Emotes] Available! Now you can better express your emotions in battlefields!
    "Battle Emotes"added to the Shop - Preparation. You can purchase battle emotes and show your emotions in the battlefields!
  7. Thanksgiving Collection Event Note: Thanksgiving Collection Event is available! All players can obtain Turkeys by logging in, partaking in matches, teaming up with friends and sharing event to others. Turkeys can be used to exchange for abundant rewards including Emblem Packs, Double BP Card, Hero Fragments, Premium Skin Fragments, Magic Dusts and Thanksgiving Exclusive Hero Chest containing Hero Pharsa. Lapu-Lapu, Hylos. Open the Chest and you can get any one of the Heroes among above three.
  8. Double BP for the first match every day will be available from 00:00, 22nd November to 00:00, 27th November (Server Time).
  9. The Lucky Shop of the Lucky Draw will be updated on 00:00, 20th November. The exclusive Skin of Sun — Street Legend can be exchanged for only 3 month!
VI. System Adjustments

  1. Improved Credit System:
    1. Adjusted the determining rules of new players‘ Intentional Feeding actions.
    2. Optimized the AFK Warning in matches.
    3. Removed the credit punishment from those who can‘t enter game while matching due to unstable connections.
  2. Optimized the Draft Pick:
    1. Optimized the logic of surrendering in advance in Draft Mode.
    2. Optimized the display of big-sized heroes in Draft Pick Mode.
    3. New rules on trial in Custom — Draft Pick Mode. Now each side can ban 3 heroes.
  3. Referees now can see Emblem Gift and KDA data of each player in the Spectating Mode.
  4. Optimized the notice of changing regions. Now it's clearly shown whether there's free chance to change regions.
  5. Added Share Button on the Profile - Favorite — Current Season.
  6. Optimized the display of Personal Profile.
  7. Optimized the display of the notice to change Avatar.
  8. Increased the amounts of Equipment Sets that can be saved.
  9. In order to create a good communication environment, some rules are now added to the Live Stream in case of repeating messages.
  10. Added a new refusing note when others invite you - "I’m going off line. Let‘s team-up next time."
  11. Added more supported devices for the Lite Settings when they‘re in low storage.
  12. Added the notice and button [Download Manually] for those devices which don't have the High-Quality display resources.
  13. Optimized the effect loading speed of returning to home page when the match ends. Now the fluency has been greatly improved.
  14. Improved the opening speed of limited events.
  15. Optimized the fluency of opening Live - Following, Achievements - Gallery, Esports.
  16. Optimized the display effects when players are choosing whether to turn on the High-Quality Resources.
  17. Optimized the Legendary Moments of Android. Now you can watch and share your wonderful moments in the settlement page! It is turned off by default. You can turn it on in Settings depending on your device performance. This function is now accessible to certain high-capacity Android devices only. The switch button won’t be shown in the unsupported devices. For any problems or suggestions. please contact the customer service. Thanks for your continued support to MLBB!
  18. Optimized the priorities of the advertisements and System Notices.
  19. Updated the Tutorial contents depending on the recent adjustments.
  20. Added some Tips for battles.
  21. Adjusted the Rewards for New Player Level-up Event. The Trial Cards are adjusted to: Valir, Karrie, Alice, Roger, Clint, Martis, Franco.
  22. Optimized the experience of purchasing the same bundle. Steps of purchasing again are reduced.
  23. Optimized the display of Shop Recommendations.
  24. Added the count down time to the Fragment Shop.
  25. Fixed a problem where the Video Chest would trigger Red Dot.
  26. Shortened the Team-up Inviting time. Now it takes effect in 90s and won't work after expiration.
  27. Optimized the notice for the New modes.
VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the wrong display of some indicators.
  2. Fixed the bug where the data in Profile - Statistics - Details are sometimes wrongly shown.
  3. Fixed the bug where the tasks may disappear when players tap on some of the collection tasks.
  4. Improved the lag when opening the Mode List from the Lobby.
  5. Fixed the bug where the post link doesn't work when tapped on.
  6. Fixed the problem where the Customizes Skills are restored default after restarting.

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Minsitthar Courageous Warrior Diamonds 599. BP 32.000. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount. Available to the whole Official Server from 20th, November. Hero Specialty: Minsitthar is a Fighter with crowd control. He can call Royal Guards to...