Patch Notes 1.3.22
From The Designers

Hello to all MLBB players! We‘re more than excited to talk with you again! In this meta, we would like to introduce to you 2 new heroes — Kimmy and Harith! Also, a brand new mode - Deathbattle will also be deployed. What's more, since Halloween is drawing close, we have also specially prepared some events with tantalizing rewards!

Adjustment to the Medal & Grade Settlement: Data regarding Damage Dealt, Damage Taken. Turrets Destroyed. KDA, Participation in Teamfights, Gold Earned are now considered as indexes for determining Medals & Grades. Meanwhile, we have removed the limit on the number of medals that can be earned by the winning team. We hope the changes could be more fair for all players, especially for those with excellent performance in each match.

Check out the contents below for more! Please enjoy MLBB as ever! Thank you for your continued support and love!

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

  • Kimmy
    Kimmy Splat Queen
    Diamonds 599. BP 32.000. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount. Available to the whole Official Server from 25th, October.

    Hero Specialty: She moves while she shoots. She can also adjust the direction she’s aiming at.

    • Skill 1 - Energy Transformation
      Kimmy mixes substances in her Coalescer shoots out chemical balls that deal Magic Damage. lf Kimmy fails to hit a target, the chemical balls explode upon traveling a certain distance to deals Magic Damage to nearby enemies.
    • Skill 2 - Chemical Refinement
      Kimmy enhances her chemical attacks by creating a new kind of mixture. She then shoots out the enhanced chemical spray and the recoil in turn pushes her backwards a certain distance. The spray then falls down to the ground and creates contaminated areas. Enemies who walk on these areas take Magic Damage] every several second and become slowed.
    • Skill 3 - Maximum Charge
      Kimmy channels powerful fire magic into her rifle to maximize its output pressure, creating luminous chemical attacks. Kimmy's luminescent attack travel a certain distance, dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit and enemies nearby.
    • Passive - Chemist's Instinct
      Kimmy is obsessed with her chemical creations. As a result, she can move and aim at other directions when using her spray gun but is often less accurate. All the buffs on Attack Speed will be automatically converted to Movement Speed for her.
  • Harith
    Harith Time Traveler
    Diamonds 599, BP 32.000, Launch Week 30% Diamond OFF. Estimated release date: November.

    Hero Specialty: Harith is a mage who is capable of jumping to different locations with his blink skills. By utilizing his skills, players will find them frequently dominating the battlefield.

    • Skill 1 - Synchro Fission
      Harith creates a phantom of himself that cast the same skill. Deals Magic Damage to all enemy units on the path. When the 2 gushes meet, they will explode and deal Magic Damage to all enemies within the's damage. Any actions that cancels Leomord's charge automatically triggers the attack.
    • Skill 2 - Chrono Dash
      Harith blinks to a designated direction. When he arrives. he steals the Magic ATK of nearby enemy heroes and generates a shield that absorbs DMG. Harith’s next basic attack deals higher DMG and slows the enemy. When this attack hits an enemy, reduce the CD of next Chrono Dash.
    • Skill 3 - Zaman Force
      LHarith uses his Key to summon the Zaman Force. When the multidirectional rift appears, the next cool down of Chrono Dash is reduced. The rift then immobilizes nearby enemy heroes and slows them for a period of time. (If Harith comes into contact with the rift when using Chrono Dash, he will absorb the energy within it, so as to reduce the cooldown of the next Synchro Fission/Chrono Dash. respectively)
    • Passive - Key Insight
      Harith gains insight from his Key. He immediately gains Resilience (dependent on the number of nearby enemy heroes). After casting skills several times, Harith's next Synchro Fission deals higher damage.
II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check the Server Time

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/19 05:01:00 to 2018/10/26 05:00:00

Karina Bruno Akai Lolita Vexana Harley Diggie Jawhead

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Alpha Johnson Zhask Roger Helcurt Pharsa

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/26 05:01:00 to 2018/11/02 05:00:00

Clint Kagura Aurora Lapu-Lapu Chou Grock Argus Gusion

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Irithel Moskov Hylos Vexana Harley Uranus

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/02 05:01:00 to 2018/11/09 05:00:00

Bruno Natalia Sun Yi Sun-shin Hilda Cyclops Karrie Lesley

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Hayabusa Alpha Estes Gatotkaca Grock Chang'e

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/09 05:01:00 to 2018/11/16 05:00:00

Bane Lolita Alpha Moskov Lapu-Lapu Hylos Harley Gusion

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Fanny Diggie Angela Uranus Martis Kaja

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/11/16 05:01:00 to 2018/11/23 05:00:00

Karina Akai Franco Argus Roger Irithel Zhask Angela

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Alpha Cyclops Helcurt Karrie Pharsa Lesley

Kimmy Steam Researcher
Diamond 269. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00 25th, October. (Server Time)
Karrie Jester
Diamond 749. Launch week 30% diamonds OFF. Available from 00:00 30th, October. (Server Time)
Saber Force Warrior
Some dope effects and new color solution have been deployed!
Miya Captain Thorns
Some dope effects and new color solution have been deployed!
Natalia Phantom Dancer
Some dope effects and new color solution have been deployed!
Freya Dragon Hunter
Revamped the color solution for skills.
Jawhead Space Explorer
Revamped the color solution to the Passive

Adjustments to Hero Fragment Shop:

Now Unavailable: Gusion

Now Available: Grock

Adjustments to Rare Skin Fragment Shop:

Now Unavailable:

Now Available:

III. Hero Adjustments

  1. Meta Spotlight: Adjustments to Kagura, karrie, Alpha, Belerick, Selena, Hanabi, Helcurt, Claude.
  2. Improved the battle effects for the following heroes: Akai, Lolita, Minotaur, Hayabusa, Hylos, Grock, Lunox, Zhask, Chang'e, Angela, Aldous, Gord, Vexana, Claude, Gatotkaca, Fanny, Lolita, Uranus, Belerick, Lapu-Lapu, Ruby Yi Sun-Shin, Franco, Sun, karrie, Estes, Diggie, Hanabi, Hayabusa, Natalia, Chou, Johnson, Irithel, Leomord, Pharsa, Aurora.
  3. In order to improve the fluency in display, some of the skill effects of the following heroes are hidden under the Low Display settings: Alice, Nana, Alucard, Bane, Bruno, Clint, Rafaela, Eudora, Fanny, Minotaur, Lolita. Should you feel uncomfortable on the changes, feel free to switch display solutions in Settings.
  4. In order to improve the fluency in display, we have restricted the numbers of effects that can be shown at one time for the following heroes: Miya, Alice, Alucard, Bane, Clint, Zilong, Fanny.
  5. Fixed a bug where the Recall effect for some of the heroes are invisible.

  • Kagura
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Seimei Umbrella Open
      Increased the range by 5%. Adjusted Magic Scaling Ratio to 1.5 from 1.3.
    • Passive
      Passive - Yin Yang Gathering
      Adjusted Magic Bonus gained from shields to 0.5 from 0.2.
  • Karrie
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Phantom Step
      Adjusted CD to 5-2.5 from 5-3.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Speedy Lightwheel
      Adjusted the damage of Basic Attack (when entering double wheel state) to 50%/55%/60% from 50%/53%/56%.
  • Alpha
    Adjusted base Mana Regen to 31 from 16.
    Adjusted Growth from 1.02 to 1.2.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Rotary Impact
      Adjusted Mana cost to 60 at all levels.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Force Swing
      Improved the indicator so as to better match the effect of this skill.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Spear of Alpha
      Decreased Mana Cost by 20 at all levels.
  • Belerick
    Adjusted the Base Damage of the flower to 50 from 25. The flower now appears after Belerick takes 225 points of damage, instead of 200.
    • Passive
      Passive - Flower of Life
      The flower now appears more frequently as Belerick levels up.
  • Selena
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Soul Eater
      Slightly decreased the lasting time of shields. Adjusted Magic Bonus to 1.5 from 1.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Blessing of the Moon God
      Improved description. Now the skill will not be affected by CD reduction effects.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Primal Darkness
      Improved description. Now the skill will not be affected by CD reduction effects.
  • Hanabi
    Adjusted HP Growth to 110.5 from 125.5.
    Adjusted Physical ATK (From the beginning) to 105 from 115.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage
      Fixed a bug where using this skill would trigger the effect of Endless Battle.
  • Helcurt
    Adjusted HP Growth to 161 from 149.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Dark Night Falls
      Fixed the bug where Helcurt could be seen by enemies on the minimap.
    • Passive
      Passive - Race Advantage
      Adjusted the duration of Silenced effect to 0.85 from 1.55.
  • Claude
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Art of Thievery
      No longer slows the Movement Speed and Attack Speed of the Lord and the Turtle.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Battle Mirror Image
      Fixed a bug that Dexter may be targeted by some skills.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Blazing Duet
      Adjusted Bonus on Shield to 0.04 from 0.05.
    • Passive
      Passive - Battle Side-by-side
      Adjusted Dexter's damage to 50% from 30%. The effect decreases to one-half when "Devour" from Demon Hunter Sword is triggered.
  • Thamuz
    Adjusted HP Growth to 213 from 203.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Slaughterous Scythes
      Added an indicator to help players better predict the time the scythes travel and stay.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Cauterant Inferno
      Regeneration now enjoys the effect from the Golden Stuff.
      Adjusted the HP Regen from Basic Attack and Scythes to 3% of Max HP from 2.5%.
  • Gatotkaca
    Adjusted HP Growth to 225 from 230.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Blast Iron Fist
      Adjusted Base Damage to 190/230/270/310/350/390 from 220/260/300/340/380/420.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Unbreakable
      Now deals 100/115/130/145/160/175+0.6*Mag.Attack points of Magic Damage to taunted enemies.
    • Passive
      Passive - Steel Bones
      Adjusted Ratio regarding converting HP loss to Physical Defense to 3% from 4%.
  • Hayabusa
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 117 from 114.
    • Passive
      Passive - Ninjutsu: Shadow Heal
      Adjusted damage increased to 5% from 4%
  • Natalia
    Adjusted ATK Range to 0.89 from 0.9.
    Fixed a bug where the Recall effect for some of the heroes are invisible.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Smoke Bomb
      Fixed a bug that may happen when Natalia tosses the smoke grenade when inside a bush, the whole process becomes invisible.
      Adjusted Bonus Attack Speed gained from this skill to 25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/50% from 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55%.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Cold-blooded Strangling
      Adjusted Physical Bonus to 0.7 from 0.8.
    • Passive
      Passive - Assassin Instinct
      Fixed a bug where the effect to alert enemies stay when Natalia has already left the area.
  • Minotaur
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Motivation Roar
      Slightly reduced the benefits from high HP loss status.
    • Passive
      Passive - Rage Mode
      Adjusted Base Attack to 20 from 25. (Transformed)
  • Lunox
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Chaos Assault
      Slightly decreased the slowdown effect. Adjusted damage to 2%/2.5%/3%/3.5%/4%/4.5% of Max HP (Enemy) from 3%/3.5%/4%/4.5%/5%/5.5% of Max HP (Enemy).
    • Skill 4
      Skill 4 - Power of Chaos: Darkening
      Fixed a bug where casting this skill may disable Chaos Assault .
  • Franco
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Iron Hook
      Fixed a bug that the hook may disappear when it hits enemies in the bush.
      Now exposes the location of the target hit.
    • Passive
      Passive - Wasteland Force
      Fixed a bug where the effect of this skill remains when Franco dies.
  • Bane
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Craw Claw Cannon
      Adjusted Mana cost to 60 at all levels.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Deadly Catch
      Fixed a bug that the fishes may be targeted by some skills.
  • Uranus
    • Passive
      Passive - Radiance
      Adjusted CD to 10s from 8s.
  • Lesley
    • Passive
      Passive - Lethal Shot
      Fixed a bug.
  • Hilda
    • Passive
      Passive - Power of Wildness
      Instead of 11 stacks. Hilda now needs 10 stacks to get her skill enhanced.
  • Angela
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Heartguard
      After learning this skill, Angela will see the icon of teammates for the rest of the match. so that she could monitor the status of teammates more easily.
  • Aldous
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Contract: Soul Steal
      Aldous unleashes his inner energy to strengthen the next basic attack. Deals 50(+134) points of physical damage. If this attack eliminates the enemy hero or unit, the additional damage of this skill is permanently increased by 40/20 points. When attacking minions or monsters, the damage of strengthened basic attacks are raised by 100%.
  • Pharsa
    • Passive
      Passive - Spiritual Unity
      Fixed a bug that Verri may be targeted by some skills.
  • Aurora
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Frost Shock
      Decreased Mana Cost by 5 at all levels.
  • Alice
    • Passive
      Passive - Blood Ancestry
      After Alice gets killed, the nearby minions will not become Blood Orbs after they die.
  • Fanny
    Increased Base Physical Defense by 2 points.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Tornado Strike
      Fixed a bug that sometimes the skill remains active when Fanny is dead.
  • Zhask
    • Skill 4
      Skill 4 - Dominator's Descent
      Fixed a bug that "Dominator's Descent” will not be activated after releasing "Nightmaric Spawn".
  • Diggie
    • Passive
      Passive - Young Again
      Fixed a bug that after respawn, Diggie‘s weapon may disappear.
  • Leomord
    Fixed a bug where Leomord steals life from attacking Turrets.
  • Miya
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Fission Shot
      Now creeps take the Explosive Damage from this skill.
IV. Battlefield Adjustments


  1. Improved the algorithm for settling Medals & Grades.
  2. Increased the Base Damage of Giant Mouth Monster by 20%.
  3. Added one line to "Quick Chat" - Need help in the jungle! Modify your own set of Quick Chats in Preparation -> Custom Chat!

Battlefield Equipment:

  • Berserker's Fury
    Berserker's Fury
    Fixed a bug where some of the heroes' skill would trigger "Doom".
  • Scarlet Phantom
    Scarlet Phantom
    Fixed a bug where some of the heroes' skill would trigger "Frenzy".
  • Rapid Boots
    Rapid Boots
    Now provides 80 movement SPD, instead of 90. Unique Passive: Side Effect: Now decrease movement SPD by 40. instead of 45.
  • Hunter Strike
    Hunter Strike
    Unique Passive - Retribution: Adjusted duration to 3s from 2s.
  • Spirit Wheel
    Unique Passive - Soul Steal: Adjusted Magic Attack Bonus gained from every 15 stacks to 30 from 25. Now can add at most 60 Magic Damage, instead of 50.
  • Soul Scroll
    Soul Scroll
    Unique Passive - Soul Steal: Adjusted Magic Attack Bonus gained from every 15 stacks to 30 from 25. Now can add at most 120 Magic Damage, instead of 100.
  • Fleeting Time
    Fleeting Time
    Fixed a bug where the effect would not be triggered when Gatotkaca and Aurora performs "Kill" and "Assist".
  • Star Shard
    Star Shard
    Unique Passive - Gorge: Adjusted maximum stack to 15 from 10. Adjusted price to 1605 from 1505.
  • Beast Killer
    Beast Killer
    Unique Passive - Gorge: Adjusted maximum stack to 15 from 10. Adjusted price to 1805 from 1605.
  • Raptor Machete
    Raptor Machete
    Unique Passive - Gorge: Adjusted maximum stack to 15 from 10. Adjusted price to 1650 from 1550.
  • Hunter's Knife
    Unique Passive - Greed: Adjusted Extra EXP gained from jungling to 20% from 15%.

Battle Spells:

  • Scout
    Fixed a bug. Now whenever Harper gets eliminated, the summoner will not gain EXP.
  • Arrival
    Fixed a bug. Now whenever Harper gets eliminated, the summoner will not gain EXP.
    Adjusted CD to 120s from 150s.
  • Retribution
    Added a shortcut - When carrying Retribution, the system would suggest buying "Hunter's Knife".
    Adjusted the duration of Damage Reduction to 85 from 45 (When carrying jungling equipment items).
  • Purify
    Adjusted CD to 90s from 110s.
  • Sprint
    Adjusted the buff on Movement Speed to 56% from 42%.


  • Jungle
    Custom Jungle Emblem
    Bravery is renamed to Thrill.
    Greed is renamed to Balance.
V. New Systems & Events

  1. New Mode - Deathbattle. Available from the end of October. Stay tuned!
    Instructions: In Deathbattle. players can switch heroes immediately when they die. Players can choose from a list of 12 heroes in each battle. The list is randomly generated by the system. After each death, players can change to another hero. Switching heroes to inflict surprises on your opponents! In Deathbattle. players can achieve victory by destroying enemy base and by accumulating a certain amount of eliminations. Players can sell the equipments at the original price. Fight for glory and have fun playing Deathbattle!
    55 heroes are available in Deathbattle.
    1. Players must be Lv.9 or above and have more than 90 Credit Scores to enter the Deathbattle.
    2. To play Deathbattle, players must download all the additional resources.
    3. In Deathbattle, players can get chest points. EXP and BP as usual.
    4. Data in Deathbattle won’t be accumulated to unlock achievements. And the data won't be recorded in Profile and Leaderboards.
    5. Players can review their Deathbattle matches in History and Review.
  2. Another Halloween is around the corner! MLBB Official has revamped and are preparing to launch a thrilling event. whose name is “Trick or Treat"! Check out the following rules for more details!
    1. Each player can claim 1 Candy in the event page and claim 4 via battles. Players may also share the event and complete limited event to claim 1 Candy. Candies can be used to interact with friends in the Event Page or in Private Chat during the event. Unused Candies will be cleared each day at 05:00 AM (Server Time).
    2. Each player can knock on the doors of friends 10 times each day. However, for the same friend, a player can knock at most once on their door each day.
    3. Should a friend come to your door and knock on it. you can treat them through the shortcut in the Event Page or in Private Chat.
    4. After receiving a warmly treat from your friends. you can claim the Candy Basket in Event Page or in Private Chat. The Basket guarantees a Rare Battle Effect named "Pumpkin Token (l-Match)". What's more. you may also receive a random reward from the following list: Ticket, Emblem, Fragment, Trial Card and Permanent Skin. The Battle Effects and Pumpkin Token take effect only in Classic, Brawl, Arcade modes.
    5. Try to send as much candies as you can! Once you send 35 candies or more. you will receive a permanent copy of a Limited Halloween avatar border!
    6. When the event is over, all the unused items regarding the Trick or Treat event will be cleared and converted to BPs. The BPs will be sent to your mailbox.
    7. If a player failed to respond to the knockings (Treat friends with Candy). they will automatically equip a prank avatar on the next day. By treating friends with more than 3 Candies or respond to all the friends knocking at their door, the player can get rid of the avatar.
  3. New event - [Unseal] will be available after the update.
    A temporary truce is finally reached between the Moniyan Empire and the Dark Abyss. With the help of Tigreal, Lunox has now discovered the second Twilight Orb. "Warriors, I need the strength from all of you. Lest the land would fall into eternal imbalance again." That's what she said.
    1. There are 5 groups of tasks and each group contains 6 tasks. Different groups will gradually be unlocked as time goes by.
    2. Complete the tasks, and you will receive Emblem Bundles and Energy, which is necessary to unseal the Twilight Orb.
    3. After the Twilight Orb is fully charged, a reward from it will be unlocked for you. You can charge at most 5 times.
  4. 2 New Subscription Items - Weekly Ticket Pass and Monthly Ticket Pass. Subscribe to them by visiting Shop -> Preparation-->Special.
    1. Obtain the super-value Weekly Ticket Pass with only 55 diamonds! Upon purchasing. you will receive not only 55 Tickets, but also the qualification to claim an additional 25 Tickets every day at Daily Tasks in the coming 7 days.
    2. Obtain the super-value Monthly Ticket Pass with only 238 diamonds! Upon purchasing, you will receive not only 238 Tickets, but also the qualification to claim an additional 35 Tickets every day at Daily Tasks in the coming 31 days.
  5. Added a new page - [Halloween]. Available when the festival starts.
V. System Adjustments

  1. Improved the positioning and logic in the sandbox.
  2. Replaced the picture shown in the Leaderboards with a better one.
  3. No longer shows the red dot in the Event Hall when additional resources are not downloaded.
  4. Improved the precision of indicators so as to match them better with skills.
  5. Improved the quality of skin models as well as the speed of loading them.
  6. Improved the performance for endorsing players in the calculation page. Some sound effects have also been deployed.
  7. Players will need to confirm again when switching languages. We added this feature in order to avoid misuse.
  8. Improved the loading page for the Twilight Pass.
  9. Improved the UI in Live Stream pages.
  10. When all the emblems are upgraded to the Max level, the daily task - Upgrade Emblems will be automatically finished.
  11. Repetitive Battle Alerts, Spawn & Recall effects will be converted to BPs accordingly.
  12. High Framerate solution is now available for more device!
  13. Team: If the ping difference between members and the leader, the leader will receive a notification to confirm the team-up when trying to find a new match.
  14. Mentoring Program:
    1. The notification for promoting players to find a mentor now appears less often. Once in every 3 days.
    2. Added some super cool effects after completing Mentor & Apprentice task. Also, if a task is finished and the rewards are available, that task will be shown on top of others, with a little red dot near it.
  15. To improve the sense of feedback. we have added more cool effects for the “Legends Return" event.
  16. A notification indicating using the newly obtained hero in a Classic match before Ranked matches will now show up.
  17. Added some cool effects in Group Chat.
  18. Added some cool effects for some pages.
  19. Repetitive Items regarding Battle Effects, if used, will grant the player Battle Points.
  20. Mute a Player: After muting a player in the battlefield (You can find the button in the Score Board beside that player's icon), you will not see their message even in the Settlement Page.
  21. Added some tips for jungling-specialized hero lovers. The tips will be displayed randomly in the loading page.
  22. Improved the display for EXP and Gold growth under the spectator's view.
  23. Players can now delete friends added from Facebook.
  24. Added a limit on the numbers of players in the Public Chat Channel.
  25. Improved the control and artwork display on the button that allows players to change their avatar.
  26. Revamped: The logo of Moonton!
VI. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug in the display page where a shadow would appear on Lesley's waist, where her guns should be at.
  2. Fixed a bug on the calculation page when tapping on One More Game would trigger abnormal display.
  3. Fixed a bug in the achievement page when an achievement reaches the max level. the display may go wrong.
  4. Fixed a bug that some Android 8.0 or above users may not be able to activate the Shadow Settings as usual in the battlefield.
  5. Fixed a bug that some of the players may not be able to go to Fragment Shop by tapping the button in the display page of Odette.
  6. Fixed a bug where some of the hero tips are invisible.
  7. Custom Mode: Fixed a bug that may appear when tapping too many times on "Add Computer".
  8. Fixed a bug that may appear on the accessories on the back of Cyclops — [Super Adventurer] and [S.A.B.E.R. Blaster].
  9. Fixed the misfit between the effect and movement of recall of Miya — [Modena Butterfly].
  10. Fixed a bug that some of the models may become black for certain devices.
  11. Fixed the abnormal display of KDA that may sometimes occur in Profile - Statistics - Details.
  12. Fixed a bug where Al still takes control when the player returns.

Patch Notes 1.3.22 | News and Updates | Expert Wingman

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Hello to all MLBB players! We‘re more than excited to talk with you again! In this meta, we would like to introduce to you 2 new heroes — Kimmy and Harith! Also, a brand new mode - Deathbattle will also be deployed. What's more, since Halloween is drawing...