Patch Notes 1.3.14
From The Designers

Competitive Season: S9 closes at 00:00:00 on 2018-09-25 (Server Time). S10 will be officially available from 02:00:00 on 2018-09-25.
We have adjusted 7 Battle Spells and redesigned [Weaken]. It's now a scout skill. Also, we have revamped [Iron Wall]
Some updates to jungling and emblems have also been made, hope you can have fun playing in the new meta.
Hope you can enjoy MLBB as usual!

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

  • Thamuz
    Thamuz Lord Laval
    599 Diamonds. 32.000 BP. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount. Available to the whole Official Server from 18th September.

    Hero Specialty: By utilizing the scythes to divide the battlefield, Thamuz will burn his enemies with the cauterant lava.

    • Skill 1 - Slaughterous Scythes
      Thamuz tosses a pair of scythes to a designated direction. After traveling for a certain distance or hitting the first enemy hero, they slow down to deal damage. After a period of time, the scythes would travel back to Thamuz and drag the enemy on their path. Thamuz can then grab the scythes to retrieve them.
    • Skill 2 - Chasm Leap
      Thamuz jumps to a designated area to deal damage and slow the enemy. If the scythes are still traveling, they will return to Thamuz.
    • Skill 3 - Cauterant Inferno
      Thamuz spouts the lava restored in his body to deal damage to the nearby area and creates a cauterant atmosphere around him. The atmosphere lasts several seconds and deals damage. Thamuz recovers HP when dealing damage with basic attacks and the scythes when this skill is active.
    • Passive - Grand Lord Lava
      The damage Thamuz deals inflict the enemy with Scorch effect, which deals continuous damage. Thamuz moves faster when the scythes are not with him. Retrieving the scythes will strengthen his next basic attack and generates a gush of lava at the places where the target stands. The lava explodes in several seconds to deal true damage.
  • Leomord
    Leomord Hell Knight
    599 Diamonds, 32.000 BP, Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount. Available to the whole Official Server from the beginning of October.

    Hero Specialty: He mounts on his steed to accelerate and charges to the enemies.

    • Skill 1 - Momentum
      Leomord immediately gains a shield and charges his attack. He then deals Physical Damage and slows enemy units in front of him. The longer Leomord charges this skill, the higher it's damage. Any actions that cancels Leomord's charge automatically triggers the attack.
    • Skill 2 - Decimation Assault
      Leomord quickly charges in a square shape, dealing Physical Damage to enemies near his path and destination and slow them.
    • Skill 1 (Mounted) - Phantom Stomp
      Barbiel leaps forward, dealing Physical Damage to enemy units in the area where he lands and slows them.
    • Skill 2 (Mounted) - Phantom Charge
      Barbiel charges forward and knocks back all enemies in the lane. Deals Physical Damage.
    • Skill 3 - Phantom Steed
      Leomord calls for Barbiel, his steed, to rush into the battlefield and knock back all enemies in its way. Barbiel deals Physical Damage to enemy units in his path and slows them. Leomord mounts on Barbiel when they come in contact. In the mounted state, Leomord gains a whole new set of skills. His basic attacks deal damage to a circle around him. He can also attack enemies when moving. Additionally, Leomord enjoys buff on Movement Speed and Physical & Magical Defense.
    • Passive - The Oath Keeper
      If the target's HP is lower than 30%, Leomord deals critical damage.
II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check the Server Time

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/09/14 05:01:00 to 2018/09/21 05:00:00

Akai Lolita Kagura Johnson Hilda Lancelot Karrie Jawhead

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Fanny Argus Lesley Angela Gusion Uranus

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/09/21 05:01:00 to 2018/09/28 05:00:00

Franco Clint Karina Hayabusa Lapu-Lapu Harley Lancelot Lesley

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Sun Moskov Hylos Vexana Zhask Helcurt

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/09/28 05:01:00 to 2018/10/05 05:00:00

Bruno Natalia Hilda Aurora Roger Irithel Grock Angela

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Harley Yi Sun-shin Diggie Lapu-Lapu Gatotkaca Martis

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/05 05:01:00 to 2018/10/12 05:00:00

Clint Fanny Chou Ruby Estes Johnson Karrie Pharsa

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Lolita Alpha Cyclops Roger Irithel Hanabi

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/12 05:01:00 to 2018/10/19 05:00:00

Franco Hayabusa Yi Sun-shin Aurora Diggie Gatotkaca Angela

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Fanny Lancelot Jawhead Martis Valir Hanabi

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2018/10/19 05:01:00 to 2018/10/26 05:00:00

Karina Bruno Akai Lolita Vexana Harley Diggie Jawhead

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Alpha Johnson Zhask Roger Helcurt Pharsa

Thamuz Lord of Wraith
[Thamuz] and his skin [Lord of Wraith] will be available as a bundle. Launch week 30% diamond OFF. Available from 18th September (Server Time).
Zilong Elite Warrior
Revamped. The model has been reworked to be more sophisticated!

Adjustments to Hero Fragment Shop:

Now Unavailable: Hanabi Roger

Now Availalbe: Gusion Pharsa

Adjustments to Premium Skin Fragment Shop:

Now Unavailable:

Now Availalbe:

Adjustments to Rare Skin Fragment Shop:

Now Unavailable:

Now Availalbe:

III. Hero Adjustments

Hold your breath! A bunch of heroes will be adjusted in this meta! Spoiler alert: Tigreal, Hanabi, Alice, Martis, Ruby, Karrie, Selena, and Minotaur.

Updated the background story of Balmond, Saber, Alice, and Nana.

  • Angela
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Heartguard
      Fixed a sound effect bug that may occur when an enemy hero dies when the skill is being cast.
  • Freya
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Valkyrie
      Now the indicator lasts longer.
  • Hanabi
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 10 from 12.
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage
      Improved the bug where the skill will not be cast when the mana is just enough for casting once. Improved the notice when mana is low. No mana is used if the attack doesn't bounce.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Forbidden Jutsu: Higanbana
      Improved the bug where the skill will not be cast when the mana is just enough for casting once. Improved the notice when mana is low. No mana is used if the attack doesn't bounce.
    • Passive
      Passive - Ninjutsu: Equinox
      Hanabi now gains an extra of 40 points of Movement Speed when her shield exists.
  • Alice
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Blood Awe
      Improved description
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Blood Ode
      Adjusted HP Regen every second to 80/100/120 from 50/70/90. Adjusted CD to 30s at all levels.
  • Martis
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Ashura Aura
  • Ruby
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Be good!
      Adjusted the damage ratio of melee attack to Attack Wave to 0.4:0.6 from 0.5:0.5. Total damage remains.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Don't run, Wolf King!
      Fixed a bug when the 2nd phase of this skill sometimes 'causes no damage.
  • Karrie
    Adjusted HP Growth to 155.5 from 142.3.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Phantom Step
      Adjusted CD to 5-3s from 5-2s. Adjusted Total Physical Bonus to 0.7 from 1. Decreased the size of detection.
  • Selena
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Abyssal Trap
      Increased Base Damage by 50 at all levels. Soul Eater: Increased Base Damage by 50 at all levels.
    • Passive
      Passive - Symbiosis
      Decreased the damage buff gained from Abyssal Mark by 50 at all levels.
  • Valir
    • Passive
      Passive - Arcane Flame
      Adjusted CD to 15/12.5/10 from 20/16/12.
  • Cyclops
    Adjusted HP Growth to 162.6 from 152.6.
  • Clint
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Howitzer
      Adjusted Extra Physical ATK to 0.8 from 0.5.
  • Jawhead
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Ejector
      The shield now stays after casting this skill.
  • Kagura
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Yin Yang Overturn
      Now the damage scales with Magic Attack under all conditions.
  • Argus
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Demonic Grip
      Now shows the position of enemies hiding in the bush, if Argus hits them with this skill.
  • Zhask
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Nightmaric Spawn
      Now CD is reduced normally when Nightmaric Spawn is killed.
  • Minotaur
    Adjusted Basic HP to 2709 from 2759 Adjusted HP Growth to 249 from 269.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Motivation Roar
      Adjusted Base Regeneration to 260/280/300/320/340/360 from 280/300/320/340/360/380.
  • Vexana
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Charmed Specter
      Decreased the ATK Speed. Decreased Basic Damage by 30 at all levels.
  • Bruno
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 13.3 from 14.8.
  • Gusion
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Shadowblade Slaughter
      Increased Base Damage by 10 at all levels.
  • Hayabusa
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 12.6 from 10.6.
  • Tigreal
    • Skill 1
      Skill 1 - Attack Wave
      Adjusted Mana Cost to 70/75/80/85/90/95 from 80/85/90/95/100/105.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Implosion
      Tigreal now pulls enemies to him when using this skill. Adjusted CD to 45/41/37 from 42/38/34.
    • Passive
      Passive - Fearless
      Tigreal now gains a layer of blessing when using skills or hit by basic attacks (Those from minions are excluded). He gains immunity to the next basic attack after gaining 4 layers (Those from minions are excluded).
  • Belerick
    Adjusted Basic HP to 2869 from 2659.
    Adjusted HP Growth to 235 from 260.
  • Gatotkaca
    Adjusted Basic Mana to 420 from 440.
    Adjusted Armor Growth to 2.6 from 3.3.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Avatar of the Guardian
      Now slightly knocks enemies from the outer circle and draws them to the center.
  • Natalia
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 10.5 from 9.5.
    • Skill 2
      Skill 2 - Smoke Bomb
      Adjusted Slow Effect to 65% from 55%. Assassin Instinct: Enemy heroes will not be warned when Natalia is lurking in a bush.
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Cold-blooded Strangling
      Adjusted CD to 32/26/20 from 30/24/18. Adjusted Physical Bonus to 0.8from 0.6. Adjusted Base Damage to 150/180/210 from 120/140/160.
  • Claude
    Fixed the bug where Dexter's tail becomes abnormal in some cases.
  • Yi Sun-shin
    Yi Sun-shin
    • Skill 3
      Skill 3 - Blood Floods
      Improved the visual effect. Slightly increased the size of the arrow and slowed its speed.
    • Passive
      Passive - Heavenly Vow
      Added notification when the Turtle Ship is under construction and when construction complete.
  • Layla
    Adjusted ATK Growth to 10.5 from 12.
IV. Battlefield Adjustments

We hope to bring more exciting contents to all players in the upcoming season, so a large proportion of battlefield-related contents have been adjusted.


  1. Improved some effects in the battlefield, including those for spawning, dying and upgrading.
  2. Fixed a bug where some skills would trigger abnormal effect on shields.
  3. Improved the AI that would take over the place of AFK players. Now the AI would retreat to a safe zone as soon as possible.
  4. Now players can view the chat log in the battlefield. Improved the display for long messages.
  5. [Creeps]
    1. Increased the Base HP of the Spinner by 25% and Base ATK by 30%.
    2. Increased the Base HP of the Reaper by 30% and Base ATK by 30%.
    3. Increased the Base HP of the Goblin, Ghost Mage by 30%. The 1st wave of creeps spawns in 40s after a match starts.
    4. Increased the Base Damage of Giant Mouth Monster by 200%.
    5. Spider: Increased the Base ATK by 100%, Base ATK Speed by 50% and Base HP by 50%.
    6. Slightly decreased the Base EXP carried by Goblins and Spiders.

Battlefield Equipment:

When equipping Jungling equipment items, players now gain 30% less EXP in the first 4 minutes from enemy minions

  • Berserker's Fury
    Berserker's Fury
    Increased price to 2350 from 2200.
  • Brute Force Breastplate
    Brute Force Breastplate
    Unique Passive - Brute Force: Now doesn't provide Physical & Magical ATK. Now provides Physical & Magical DFS for each layer gained.
  • Demon Hunter Sword
    Demon Hunter Sword
    Unique Passive - Devour: Adjusted Bonus Damage to 9% from 10% of the target's current HP.

Battle Spells

  • Retribution
    Decrease the Damage Reduction to 80% from 30%. Now lasts 4s, instead of 3s.
  • Inspire
    Adjusted Armor PEN to 9-23 from 11-25.
  • Sprint
    Removes all slow effects and gains immunity against slow effect in 2s.
  • Aegis
    Generates a shield for the hero and the nearby allied hero who has the lowest HP.
  • Purify
    Adjusted CD to 90s from 110s.
  • Execute
    If the enemy unit hit by Execute dies, the cooldown of next Execute will be reduced by 40%.
  • Arrival
    Improved visual effect and control.
  • Scout
    Weaken -> Scout
    Redesigned. Now summons Harper, a magical assistant, to gain the view of a designated area. Lasts a short period of time.
  • Vengeance
    Iron Wall -> Vengeance
    Redesigned. Now deals Magical Damage to enemy heroes that are attacking the caster for a period of time


  • Mystery Shop
    Golden Touch -> Mystery Shop
    Effect: The price is now 90%.
  • Magic Worship
    Magic Worship
    Changed the description “10% of the maximum HP" to "7% of the maximum HP". Adjusted cooldown to 15s from 20s.
  • Festival Of Blood
    Steady Like A Rock -> Festival of Blood
    Gains 8% Lifesteal from skills. Killing every enemy hero grants an extra 1% Lifesteal from skills (Up to 12%).
  • Unbending Will
    Unbending Will
    Now gains an extra 0.15% damage from every 1% HP lost, instead of 0.2% from every 100 HP lost.
  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    Now gains an extra gold of 100 instead of 125 for every enemy hero killed. (Up to 1500, instead of 1250)
  • Killing Spree
    Killing Spree
    Now regenerates 12% HP, instead of 8% HP. From every hero killed. The increase in Movement Speed is adjusted to 20% instead of 10%.
  • Electro Flash
    Hot Pursuit -> Electro Flash
    Within 1.5s of dealing damage with Basic Attacks, movement speed is increased by 40% and regenerates HP equal to 30% of hero's Physical Attack. Cooldown is 10s.
  • Avarice
    Healing Hand -> Avarice
    Gains an extra 10 gold after dealing damage to enemy heroes (Up to 1200 gold). Cooldown is 4s.
  • Veteran Hunter
    Veteran Hunter
    Adjusted Bonus Gold to 50 from 40.
  • Jungle
    Basic Attribute - Adjusted Physical Attack to Hybrid Attack (Magical Attack + Physical Attack)
    Basic Attribute - Adjusted Physical Lifesteal to Hybrid Lifesteal (Magical Lifesteal + Physical Lifesteal)
    Talent - Adjusted Bravery to Hybrid Attack from Physical Attack. Talent - Adjusted Greed to Hybrid Lifesteal from Physical Lifesteal.
V. New Systems & Events

  1. New event - Conflicts of Dawn will be available after the update. After the heroes broke the seal of the 1st Twilight Orb, Lunox was finally free again. At the same time, she told the heroes that there're more Twilight Orbs to be found. To acquire the Twilight Orbs faster than the Dark Abyss, the servants of the Light, led by Tigreal, launched an attack against the Dark Abyss. Starting from the first stronghold - the Necrokeep, the army of the Dark Abyss has their own perfect plan to counter strike. Both camps are conspiring to take control of the 2nd Twilight Orb. The battle is on!
    1. Players can choose to fight for Moniyan or for the Dark Abyss. Once the decision is made, it can not be changed.
    2. Players can choose from 3 lanes (routes) to initiate their attack. Also, they can switch to different routes every day.
    3. Complete matches in Ranked/Classic/Brawl Mode to earn a large amount of War Medals. Winning matches will add points to the lane you've chosen. The more points you have, the more likely that your camp wins!
    4. Results of the wars will be calculated at 00:00 (Server Time) each day. The camp that accumulates more scores on two or more routes claims victory. The victorious camp gains bonus War Medals.
    5. War Medals can be used to exchange for items, skins, and other rare rewards!
    6. When the war is officially over, the winning camp will be rewarded Limited Avatar Borders.
  2. Added a new page - [Conflicts of Dawn]. Available when the event starts.
  3. Updates in RANKED Mode. S9 closes at 00:00:00 on 2018-09-25 (Server Time). S10 will be officially available from 02:00:00 on 2018-09-25.
    Reach Master or above in S9 to unlock [Franco] - Locomotive for FREE![/red]
  4. New Event Season Pass will be available shortly after the new meta goes online
    1. Improve the level of your Season Pass by finishing related tasks and collecting medals.
    2. Unlock rewards when your Season Pass reaches certain levels.
    3. There are 2 kinds of Season Passes: Free and Premium. Every player starts out with a free Season Pass, and can claim the rewards within it. Players can also upgrade Season Pass (Free) to Season Pass (Advanced) using $9.99. After the upgrade, players can claim rewards from both Free and Premium Passes.
    4. You can buy badges using Tickets to improve the level of your Season Pass faster.
    5. You can upgrade the Season Pass at any time within the duration and claim the rewards for both versions.
    6. After upgrading to Season Pass (Premium), Advanced tasks and advanced prize pool will be available for you. Unlock 50 types of bonuses exceed 3500 diamonds in value! 4 Permanent skins (Including (Helcurt] - Ice Scythe) are available at this event!
  5. New Mode - Deathbattle. Available from the end of October. Stay tuned!
    Instructions: In Deathbattle, players can switch heroes immediately when they die. Players can choose from a list of 12 heroes in each battle. The list is randomly generated by the system. After each death, players can change to another hero. Switching heroes to inflict surprises on your opponents! In Deathbattle, players can achieve victory by destroying the enemy base and by accumulating a certain amount of eliminations. Players can sell the equipment at the original price. Fight for glory and have fun playing Deathbattle!
    55 heroes are available in Deathbattle. Notice:
    1. Players must be Lv.9 or above and have more than 90 Credit Scores to enter the Deathbattle.
    2. To play Deathbattle, players must download all the additional resources. C. In Deathbattle, players can get chest points, EXP and BP as usual.
    3. Data in Deathbattle won't be accumulated to unlock achievements. And the data won't be recorded in Profile and Leaderboards.
    4. Players can review their Deathbattle matches in History and Review 6.Added a new page - [Halloween]. Available when the festival starts.
V. System Adjustments

  1. Improved the Mentoring Program:
    1. If your Apprentice/Mentor stayed offline for more than 5 days, you can disassociate with them without being punished.
    2. Adjusted the difficulties and requirements of some quests to make the experience better.
      1. Mentor & Apprentice Team: Apprentice collects 30,000 gold during battle (Classic/Ranked/Brawl) --- Changed to: Apprentice collects 30,000 gold during battle (Classic/Ranked/Brawl)
      2. Mentor & Apprentice Team: The apprentice kills 50 monsters in total (Classic/Ranked/Brawl) ---Changed to Mentor & Apprentice Team: The apprentice kills 30 monsters in total (Classic/Ranked/Brawl)
      3. Mentor & Apprentice Team: The apprentice deals 50,000 damage to enemy turrets. (Classic/Ranked/Brawl) --- Changed to Apprentice deals 50,000 damage to enemy turrets.
    3. Now purchasing chests using Mentor Points will not decrease the limit of Mentor Points.
  2. Improved Profile Interface:
    1. Added a high-resolution avatar system. Player can upload high-resolution icon by taking a photo or from local albums. Check other player's high-resolution icon in Profile!
    2. Added a hint message that changing national flag requires National Flag Cards in Profile.
    3. Players can check invalid matches in History.
    4. Players can now report other players' inappropriate avatar icons, names, and status.
  3. Improved Spectating Experience:
    1. When spectating, the information will be announced in the third person perspective during B/P period.
    2. Blocked the effect of selection for spectators
    3. Improved the battle announcement for spectators.
    4. Improved the experience of moving the camera.
    5. Slowed the speed when moving the camera when the camera is set to high for spectators.
    6. Reduced the fog effect for spectators for a better experience.
    7. In the final stats when the match is over, players can check both teams' "EXP Diagram" and "Gold Diagram".
  4. Major updates to the Credit Score system will be deployed:
    1. Increased the track-back period for violations from 24h to 168h.
    2. Players will get more serious punishments during the track-back period.
    3. Slightly increased the Credit Score deduction when being reported.
    4. Increased the judging time for reconnecting and being negative.
    5. Increased the speed of positive players gaining Credit Score.
    6. Added a Credit Score hint message before entering the match.
  5. Improved the AI performance that takes the place of AFK players.
  6. Added hard AI in VS AI Mode.
  7. Added difficulty selection for AI in Custom Mode.
  8. Improved the button for switching different skill sets for such heroes in Hero.
  9. Improved the quality for voice chat in the lobby and in matches.
  10. Added a low resolution option for low-end smartphones. When it's on, the in-game resolution will be changed to the original low resolution version.
  11. To fix app crashes and freezing issues caused by insufficient RAM, we added a function that low end smartphones won't download high-resolution models.
  12. Increased the speed of opening interfaces and the speed of loading addon resources.
  13. After the match, players can enter the reason when reporting other players to let us know better.
  14. Added a new interface for the players being invited, which allows them to check the inviter's previous hero and KDA.
  15. Added the details for gifting BPs and win streak achievements. Players can check how many BPs they've sent and received, and how many wins they've earned so far.
  16. Links in Group will be unavailable as soon as the inviters start matching.
  17. Inactive members will automatically be kicked out after staying offline for more than 2 months.
  18. For all warriors in the Land of Dawn, we added some pro tips&tricks in Tips.
  19. The countdown of recharge events are now displayed in the following format: 809 00:00 -- 0820 00:00.
  20. Improved the controls in the Event Hall.
  21. Players can now go to the official FB Tournament page in ESPORTS in the main interface.
  22. Improved the loading speed of the main interface.
  23. Improved the fluency of opening the main interface.
  24. To provide a better experience for Burmese players, we have added a list of bloc ked words.
  25. Blocked words are not applied to in-game streams.
  26. Improved the performance and display of limited events.
VI. BUG Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that may occur when sending gifts to friends.
  2. Fixed a bug that may lead to an abnormal reverse in soundtracks.
  3. Fixed the bug that may occur during the Tutorial, where some of the voice lines 'may not be played.
  4. Fixed a bug where the squad may remain when all the members have left.
  5. Fixed a bug that may occur when returning to Hero List.
  6. Improved the description for some of the Emblems & Talents.
  7. Fixed a bug that may happen under spectator's view when it comes to heroes with invisible abilities.
  8. Fixed a bug that may happen under spectator's view that Natalia' HP bar sometimes disappears.
  9. Fixed an issue that some text and fonts cannot be displayed correctly in Thai client. We will keep improving other languages too. Feel free to give your suggestions to our Customer Service Team.
  10. Fixed a bug that red team's national flag cannot be seen during Ban-Pick by spectators.
  11. Fixed a bug that spectator's camera may suddenly redirect to the fountain and lock onto a hero.
  12. Fixed a bug that the white frame in minimap doesn't appear in the correct location.
  13. Fixed a bug that when the match is over, spectators always see the "defeat" effect.
  14. Fixed a bug that some model's weapon doesn't display correctly.
  15. Fixed a bug that some model doesn't have a shadow in some high-end, smartphones.
  16. Fixed a bug in Achievement where the visual effect doesn't match with the pictures.
  17. Fixed a bug that sometimes may disable team chat.
  18. Fixed a bug where the punishments for negative performance and feeding are not accurate.

Patch Notes 1.3.14 | News and Updates | Expert Wingman

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Competitive Season: S9 closes at 00:00:00 on 2018-09-25 (Server Time). S10 will be officially available from 02:00:00 on 2018-09-25. We have adjusted 7 Battle Spells and redesigned [Weaken]. It's now a scout skill. Also, we have revamped [Iron Wall] Some updates...