Patch Notes 1.2.80
I. New and Revamped Heroes

  • Chang'e
    Chang'e Moon Palace Immortal
    599 Diamonds, 32.000 Battle Points. Launch Week Diamond Discount: 30 % off! Hero Specialty: A mage with the ability to raise magic attack without limit, featuring strong sustained DPS and ability to push lanes.
    • Skill 1 - Let the Moonlight Shine!
      Chang'e summons a circle of shimmering moonlight at a designated location that continuously reduces enemy movement speed. After some time, Chang'e pulls enemy units to the center, dealing magic damage. Enemy units caught in this final attack briefly suffer a severe slow effect.
    • Skill 2 - BIU! BIU! BIU!
      Unleashes 5 Moon Blades in succession. Inflicts magic damage to the first enemy unit to be hit by this attack and 60% to surrounding enemies. Causes a temporary slow effect. When 3 Moon Blades hit the same target, they will cause a stun effect (once).
    • Skill 3 - Bunny Bomb
      Chang'e launches a rabbit missile forward, which deals magical Damage to the first enemy hero hit and then immediately splits into 6 small missiles that continue chasing the target. If the rabbit missiles do not hit an enemy hero, the missiles will travel to their maximum distance and then split into 6 missiles once more, randomly chase the nearest targets. When enemy units are hit multiple times, missile damage is reduced.
    • Passive - Lucky Bunny
      While a skill is an active, Chang'e gains one stack of Rabbit Blesing every time she inflicts damage upon an enemy hero. Once Chang'e has accumulated a certain number of stacks, she can exchange them to permanently boost her magic attack. Upon death, Chang'e loses some stacks (stacks that were already exchanged are not affected).
  • Kaja
    Kaya Nazar King
    599 Diamonds, 32.000 Battle Points. Launch Week Diamond Discount: 30 % off! (Server Time: Mid-June). Hero Specialty: Solid gank and support hero who can easily displace enemy units.
    • Skill 1 - Ring of Order
      Kaja releases a Ringed Electric Blade that quickly expands and contracts. Enemy targets will suffer magic damage and a brief slow effect. At the end, Kaja unleashes a lightning bolt that deals damage to the closest enemy unit, every second.
    • Skill 2 - Gale Force
      Kaja charges in a specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in his path. If Kaja encounters a friendly unit while charging, he moves again in their movement direction and provides himself and friendly heroes with a shield and boosts movement speed.
    • Skill 3 - Divine Judgement
      Kaja pulls and suppresses a target enemy hero. Deals magic damage for 2 seconds. During that time, teh enemy hero's magic resistance is reduced. Kaja absorbs the target enemy hero's lost magical resistance for 5 seconds.
    • Passive - Eye of the Storm
      Kaja gains movement speed when attacked by enemy heroes. This movement speed boost decays over time and can be triggered once every 5 seconds.
  • Rafaela
    Rafaela Wings of Holiness
    Hero Revamp: As more heroes have been added to ML, Rafaela has had some difficulty adapting to the new metas. Therefore, we decide to drastically adjust Rafaela, hoping that she will return to the focus of our players.
    • Skill 1 - Light of Retribution
      Enemy units hit by the Light of Retribution experience a 60% reduction in movement speed. Continuously hitting the same enemy unit increases damage by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times.
    • Skill 2 - Holy Healing
      Movement speed of allied units healed by Holy Healing receive a 50% increase for 1 second.
    • Skill 3 - Holy Baptism
      Holy Light hits enemy units faster than before, creating a smoother experience.
    • Passive - Sacrificial Spirit
      Upon death, Rafaela becomes a spirit for 4 seconds. As a spirit, Rafaela continuously heals her nearby friendly heroes and increases their movement speed. After the effect ends, Rafaela will use Holy Light to deal true damage to all nearby enemy units.
  • Sun
    Sun Monkey King
    Hero Revamp: We've re-examined Sun as a hero and felt that many areas were incomplete. In fact, Sun has the lowest use rate among all of our 60 heroes. Being a hero who summons clones, Sun himself does not have high enough DPS, while his clones also featured low attributes. Enemy players often can easily distinguish between the real Sun and his clones. The newly re-balanced Sun can now create more powerful clones. At the same time, clones can be targeted by enemy spells, making them harder to distinguish from Sun. We've also enhanced Sun's DPS, while skills have undergone the following balance changes:
    • Skill 1 - Endless Variety
      Sun hurls his Golden Staff towards a designated direction to deal physical damage. Monsters or enemy heroes that come in contact with the Staff will experience a reduction in movement speed. Sun also summons a doppelganger to attack the enemies.
    • Skill 2 - Instantaneous Move
      Sun and his launch an instantaneous attack towards the designated direction, dealing physical damage.
    • Skill 3 - Clone Techniques
      Sun summons a doppelganger that will receive more damage per attack. However, every time they attack will recover Sun's HP.
    • Passive - Summons Monkey
      Enemy units near Sun or his doppelgangers will experience a reduction in physical defense.
II. Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

Tap the Settings button in the upper-right corner of the home screen to check the Server Time

8 Free Heroes - Server Time: 2018/05/25 05:01:00 --- 2018/06/01 05:00:00

Alucard Karina Bruno Chou Natalia Sun Hilda Diggie

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Rafaela Kagura Moskov Gatotkaca Hylos Pharsa

8 Free Heroes - Server Time: 2018/06/01 05:01:00 --- 2018/06/08 05:00:00

Bane Clint Cyclops Alpha Ruby Irithel Lapu-Lapu Argus

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Fanny Zhask Harley Helcurt Pharsa Lesley

8 Free Heroes - Server Time: 2018/06/08 05:01:00 --- 2018/06/15 05:00:00

Karina Franco Bruno Lolita Natalia Roger Irithel Grock

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Yi Sun-shin Moskov Argus Hilda Lancelot Diggie

8 Free Heroes - Server Time: 2018/06/15 05:01:00 --- 2018/06/22 05:00:00

Akai Lolita Johnson Cyclops Aurora Karrie Gatotkaca Hylos

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Bane Natalia Sun Estes Vexana Jawhead

8 Free Heroes - Server Time: 2018/06/22 05:01:00 --- 2018/06/29 05:00:00

Fanny Clint Hayabusa Sun Moskov Ruby Lapu-Lapu Diggie

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:

Minotaur Chou Yi Sun-shin Karrie Grock Pharsa

Sun Monkey King
Revamped. Now available in a Bundle. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount.
Sun Battle Buddha
Revamped. Now available in a Bundle. Launch Week 30% Diamond Discount.
Bruno Vanguard Elite
May permanent exclusive Starlight Membership skin!
Chang'e Moonstruck New
[Chang'e] and the Skin [Moonstruck] will be available in a bundle. Launch Week Diamond Discount: 30% off!
Akai Akazonae Samurai New
June Starlight Member Exclusive Permanent Skin
III. Hero Adjustments

Resolved an issue where some heroes would interrupt recall when upgrading a skill

Resolved an issue where the skills of the heroes were affected by physical life steal effects.

  • Pharsa
    • Feathered Air Strike
      Resolved an issue where allied players are unable to see Feathered Air Strike's area of damage.
  • Jawhead
    • Smart Missiles
      Resolved an issue where missiles would still fire even when the hero is disabled.
  • Chang'e
    Refined her voice overs.
  • Irithel
    Fixed a problem where Irithel couldn't change direction when moving while shooting targets.
  • Estes
    Optimized special effects when activating skills.
  • Lesley
    • Master of Camouflage
      Adjusted bonus physical attack damage to 20 + (skill level) x 30 from 10 + (skill level) x 40.
    • Lethal Shot
      Adjusted the bonus critical hit change from 35% to 40%.
    • Ultimate Snipe
      Fixed a problem where Ultimate Snipe would fire bullets at two enemies under certain circumstances.
      If the enemy target moves 20 pixels out of this skill's range, Lesley will no longer fire at them.
      Fixed a problem where Lesley had a chance to activate Ultimate Sniper twice, after using Tactical Grenade.
  • Natalia
    • Smoke Bomb
      Resolved a bug where Natalia could not take advantage of any other recover abilities/effects while she is in the smoke.
  • Karina
    • Elusiveness
      Resolved a bug where Natalia could not take advantage of any other recover abilities/effects while using this skill.
  • Grock
    • Power of Nature
      Resolved a bug where Grock cannot avoid movement and charge speed reduction effects, when using this skill near a wall.
  • Kagura
    Refined Yin Yang Gathering's description and actual effect for improved accuracy.
  • Gatotkaca
    • Unbreakable
      Increased damage to being 1.5% of total HP from 1.0%
  • Akai
    Refined hero's battle special effects.
  • Nana
    Skin [Slumber Party]: Refined the animation of Skin's first skill.
    • Molina Smooch
      Resolved an issue where the special of this skill occasionally would display incorrectly.
  • Uranus
    Skin [Rockstar]: Refined special effects during battle.
    • Transcendant Ward
      Raised the base value of the shield from 260 + 90 x 6 to 280 + 120 x 6.
    • Consecration
      Increase the damage of the first phase of this skill has been raised to 250/350/450 from 150/225/300. The damage of the second phase has been set to 10% of the total HP of the enemy target (magic damage).
  • Martis
    Players using Martis have been able to quickly achieve skill combos, making him a very difficult enemy to eliminate. We have adjusted the attack speed and attack damage of Martis' second skill, Mortal Coil, but strengthened the disable effect and damage reduction. The target of Martis' skills should be clearer now and players can better counter Martis. We've also adjusted the CD of Martis' first and second skill, Ashura Aura and Mortal Coil, thus reducing the frequency he can activate his skills. Finally, we've adjusted Martis' ultimate, Decimate, which now has improved handlign and higher base damage.
    • Ashura Aura
      Removed the temporary slow effect. CD raised to 11-8 seconds from 10-7 seconds.
    • Mortal Coil
      Reduced the first phase's damage area and speed. Reduced the damage bonus of the first attack's total physical damage from 0.9 to 0.7. Increased the damage taken from 40% to 50% while the skill is active. CD has been adjusted to 11 seconds from 10 seconds (at all levels).
    • Decimate
      Slightly improved auto-targetting when attacking low-HP enemy targets. Base damage is raised to 650/750/850 from 600/675/750. Resolved an issue where this skill was impcated by physical life steal.
  • Johnson
    • Deadly Pincers
      Slightly reduced the flight time of the Picners.
    • Electro Airbag
      The generated shield stacks up to 7, adjusted from 8 stacks. Refined skill description
  • Hanabi
    • Ninjutsu: Petal Barrage
      Initial projectile damage adjusted to 50% at max level. Damage decay factor adjusted from 0.85 to 0.75. Mana cost increased by 5 at max level (adjusted from 20-35 to 25-40).
  • Vexana
    Slightly decreased the movement speed of puppet monsters.
    Revised Vexana's origin story.
  • Akai
    Refined attack special effects.
  • Alpha
    Refined hero and skin special effects.
  • Estes
    Refined hero and skin special effects.
IV. Battlefield Adjustments

  1. Fixed an issue where buying [Feather of Heaven] or [Lightning Truncheon] after death would not yield their respective passive effects.
  2. Fixed a bug where the following equipment's trigger effects were impacted by life steal abilities:

    Endless Battle Calamity Reaper


  1. Optimized the feel of the camera movement function when touching the upper right corner of the battle interface.
  2. Optimizezd battlefield memory management to reduce crashes.
  3. Adjusted the behavior of lane minions when located at the high ground. Greatly reduced the chance of lane minions mistakenly attacking the mid-lane high ground turret.
  4. Optimized the hero list information panel. Skill information will change correctly as skills change.
  5. Refined the AIs that fill in for AFK players. The AI will actively adapt to the strength and skill of human players.
  6. Added [Skill Auto Level Up] feature to game settings.
  7. Optimized the location of abnormal status symbols for three wild monsters: Ghost Mage, Giant mouth monster, and Lord.


  1. Fixed an issue where the Custom Mage Emblem's Magic Worship ability takes effect when attacking minions or monsters.
V. New Events and Features

  1. On the Prep page, we have a new section for the Emblem Matrix. Players can use BP or Tickets to unlock different Emblems and Magic Dust as prizes.
  2. We added new interface to the Preparation section, called [Battlefield Appearance], where players can manage their animation effects. We will create all-new spawn animations, recall animations, elimination notifications, etc. for players to choose from and customize their experience. Expect more to come! We have released a football themed recall and spawn animation, called [Wave of the World]; a science fiction themed battle announcement, called [Crystal]; and recall effects for [S.A.B.E.R. Exclusive] skins.
  3. After the update, players can open a special S.A.B.E.R. Gallery. You can find the Skin Gallery in the Store's Featured Section, tap to open S.A.B.E.R. Squad Gallery.
  4. Request System: Not enough skins? You use Skin Present near the top of the Shop's Featuer section. Tap to enter the Skin Present and you can request skins from your friend. Friends must have been friend for at least 7 days and have an account level of at least 20. Friends will see your request in their in-game mailbox and hopefully gift you a skin.
VI. System Adjustments

  1. Refined Groups.
  2. Refined the hero skill panel. Skill labels will change accordingly to the skill being viewed.
  3. Refined how the hero skill panel displays buffs. The panel will display cool down in single digits.
  4. Added a commonly-used heroes and recently-purchased heroes sorting function to the hero selection interface.
  5. Optimized the Daily Login reward interface. It will now show the current month's Starlight Membership Skin.
  6. Refined how the home interface displays information on a player's friends.
  7. Added a text notificaion to Custom Mode that reminds players that they can not eearn any prizes by playing this mode.
  8. Refined the experience of players when searching for in-game announcements in their inboxes.
  9. Redesigned the Ranked Mode rewards interface. Players can now view prizes prior to the start of a battle.
  10. Refined the line spacing of Simplified and Traditional Chinese content.
  11. Refined how the Basic Information section is organized.
  12. If a player is not able to immediately exit matchmaking (after selecting to exit), the game client will display a three-second count down.
  13. Resolved an issue where the History tab displayed duplicate battle histories.
  14. Resolved an issue in Prep, where the Equipment and its Hero list encountered display errors.
  15. Improved the aesthetics of "Late Sign-in" button.
  16. Improved the aesthetics of in-game notification windows.
  17. Added a scroll feature when viewing a player's basic info.
  18. Refined Harley's font display effects.
  19. Optimized the home screen's loading speed.
  20. Added Moonton EULA and Privacy Policy.
VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Resolved the bug where some players were unable to upload their desired avatar pictures.
  2. Fixed an issue where players IDs encountered display errors on the match results page.
  3. Fixed an issue where switching between tabs in Inventory causes items are incorrectly displayed.
  4. Fixed an issue where during the Jungling Tutorial, Spinner's position is not correct on the battlefield.
  5. Fixed an issue where push notifications notify players to claim Free Chests.
  6. Fixed an issue with Android's display mode causing devices to turn black can be resolved by performing the following: Select Settings > Network Analysis > Clear Cache.

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Chang'e Moon Palace Immortal 599 Diamonds, 32.000 Battle Points. Launch Week Diamond Discount: 30 % off! Hero Specialty: A mage with the ability to raise magic attack without limit, featuring strong sustained DPS and ability to push...