Patch Notes 1.2.52
I. New and Revamped Heroes

Angela Bunnylove New
499 Diamonds, 24.000 BP. Launch Week Discount: 30% off.

Hero Specialty: an adorable android who can support allies from anywhere on the map and deal heavy damage!

Skill 1 - Love Waves
Launches love energy in the designated direction, dealing magical damage to enemies and inflicting them with a stack fo Lover's Mark (each stack fo Lover's Mark increases damage taken and reduces movement speed). This skill has a healing effect when used on allies.
Skill 2 - Puppet-on-a-String
Launches a puppet string at the specified target, dealing magical damage. Immobilizes and deals damage to the target if they're still connected to the string at the end of the skill's duration. The final damage is enhanced by Lover's Mark.
Ultimate - Heartguard
Angela gathers energy to generate a shield for any ally on the map. After a short pause, she will become attached to the target. If you use this skill again, or if the friendly target dies, the ffect will be canceled.
Passive - Smart Heart
Using skills increases her movement speed. Attached allies also benefit from this speed increase.

Johnson Mustange
Will replace the old Johnson. If you already own the old Johnson, you can use the new one.
Skill 1 - Deadly Pincers
Throws a spanner in the specified direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in its path, and stunning enemies in the area it lands.
Skill 2 - Electromag Rays
Raises his shield, dealing continuous magic damage forwards in a fan shape and slowing enemies. Basic attacks and Deadly Pincers can still be used while this skill is active.
Ultimate - Rapid Touchdown
Passive: increases armor. Active: Johnson jumps up and transforms into a car, accelerating increasingly. Teammates can get in the car when it's moving slowly and then rush forward along with Johnson. Only one teammate can fit inside at a time. The car will explode upon hitting an enemy, stunning the target and nearby enemies and dealing magic damage according to the car's speed. After the explosion, the ground will be electrified, slowing and dealing amgic damage to enemies caught in the area. When the car is going slowly, you can tap this skill again (Throttle) to move faster. When you are going fast, you can tap the skill (Brake) to stop.
Passive - Electro-airbag
When Johnson's HP is lower than 30%, he will generate a shield, absorbing an amount of damage based on his armor. This effect has a cooldown.
II. Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/02/02 05:01:00 --- 2018/02/09 05:00:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Franco Rafaela Clint Sun Ruby Moskov Lapu-Lapu Roger

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Lolita Yi Sun-shin Estes Karrie Grock Argus

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/02/09 05:01:00 --- 2018/02/16 05:00:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Akai Fanny Clint Lolita Alpha Johnson Karrie Harley

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Hayabusa Chou Yi Sun-shin Roger Aurora Gatotkaca

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/02/16 05:01:00 --- 2018/02/23 05:00:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Karina Franco Rafaela Moskov Sun Cyclops Vexana Gatotkaca

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Minotaur Kagura Ruby Hilda Irithel Lancelot

New Skin:

Roger Anubis New
February's permanent Starlight Exclusive skin!
Angela Dove of Love New
269 Diamonds. [Angela] and the skin - [Dove of Love], can be purchased in a bundle. Launch Week Discount: 30% off! Available from February 7th (server time).
Miya Sweet Fantasy New
749 Diamonds. Launch Week Discount: 30% off! Available from February 11th (server time).
Alucard Romantic Fantasy New
749 Diamonds. Launch Week Discount: 30% off! Available from February 11th (server time).
III. Hero Adjustments

Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu
Skill 1
Justice Blade
Twin Blade state cooldown reduced by 1 second at max level.
Skill 2
Chieftain's Rage
The defensive effect will now become active as soon as this skill is released (previously took effect after changing state).
Akai Akai
Skill 1
Thousand Punder
Jump distance reduced by 10%.
Skill 2
Shockwave range reduced by 20%.
Roger Roger

Attack Speed Growth rate from 1% to 1.4%.

Helcurt Helcurt
Skill 2
Deadly Poisoned Stinger
Poisoned stingers now disappear every 8 seconds, instead of all at once. Reduced the number of basic attacks required to reach 5 poisoned stingers (reduced from 5 attacks to 4).
Skill 3
Dark Night Falls
This effect no longer reduces the duration of Deadly Poisoned Stingers.
Sun Sun

Optimized the special effects of Clone Techniques. It's now easier to distinguish between Sun and his clones. Enemies will still see the same thing.

Lesley Lesley

Adjusted her recommended equipment.

Skill 3
Ultimate Snipe
Slightly increased the radius of deadly bullets, so they can now be blocked more easily.
Tigreal Tigreal

Fixed an issue with Fearless, where additional defense was not being added.

Lancelot Lancelot
Skill 3
Phantom Execution
Fixed a problem where this skill was inflicting a small stun.
Zilong Zilong

Fixed an issue where Zilong's passive was not disappearing after he died.

Gatotkaca Gatotkaca

Optimized a camera shaking issue when using his ultimate skill.

Grock Grock

Optimized the pathingo f monsters and lords after being blocked by stone walls.

Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin

Fixed an issue where the enemy's position on the minimap was not correct after Yi Sun-shin used his ultimate.

Gord Gord

Fixed a problem where Gord's actions were not being played properly when releasing his skills.

Optimized Mystic Injunction's description to match its actual effect.

Saber Saber
Skill 2
Fixed a problem where this skill would sometimes fail to deal damage when Saber had no mana.
Clint Clint
Skill 3
The speed at which ammunition is stored is now affected by cooldown reduction.
Hayabusa Hayabusa
Skill 2
Quad Shadow
Fixed a problem where shadows would be blocked by minions and jungle monsters.
Jawhead Jawhead

Adjusted attack power growth from 6.75 to 8.55, and attack speed growth from 1.5% to 2%.

Vexana Vexana
Skill 3
Cursed Oath
Optimized this skill's description

Fixed a problem where puppet plague damage was not affecting non-hero units.

Hero and Skin Model Improvements

Miya - Moonlight Archer Optimized default preview animation.

Eudora Optimized default preview animation.

Karina - Black Pearl Optimized model.

Minotaur Optimized default model.

Moskov Optimized default preview animation.

Nana - Graveyard Party Optimized preview animation.

IV. Battle Equipment and Spell Adjustments

Battleground skill:

No longer increases damage aganst jungle monsters by 30% for 3 seconds. Now reduces damage taken from jungle monsters by 30% for 3 seconds.
Cooldown adjusted from 150 seconds to 110 seconds.
Optimized this spell's effects.


  1. Fixed a problem where multiple potions could take effect at the same time.
  2. Elegant Gem: Optimized passive trigger special effects.


  1. When dragging and dropping the minimap from the top-right corner, it will show your current field of view as a white box.
  2. Re-adjusted the Brawl Mode minimap to make it more like the actual game terrain.
  3. Added a new option to the hero selection interface chat shortcuts: Heading to turtle!
  4. Fixed an issue with some Battle Spells, where they could still be used while controlled.
  5. Brawl Mode adjustements:
    1. Spawn time of the first wave of minions has been adjusted from 25 seconds to 15 seconds. Time between minion wave spawns has been adjusted from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
    2. The first wave of minions will now include an artillery unit.
    3. Initial hero level adjusted from level 2 to level 3.
    4. Jungle monster initial HP and HP growth have been reduced by a third.
    5. Adjusted hero resurrection time to accommodate the above changes.

Emblems and Talents:

  1. Physical Assassin Emblem Set: Reduced High and Dry's effective range. You now need to be closer to enemy heroes to activate it.
V. New Events and Features

  1. Change Map Skin function:
    Launched the new 5v5 Classic Mode map skin [The Celestial Palace] - completely free for all players! Tap the SWitch Map button in the Classic Mode/Ranked Mode lobby interface to switch maps.
  2. At 00:00 (server time), February 8th to 00:00 (server time), February 14th, the Magic Wheel 10% Discount event will begin. Spin the Magic Wheel during the event period for only 90% of the original price!
VI. System Adjustments

  1. Optimized referee perspective and replay mode game sound effects.
  2. Added gold display to the hero avatar information interface when observing [color=gol]tournaments, observing custom broadcasts, and during local video playback.
  3. In-game Streaming has been optimized. AFter a stream ends, you will be returned to the livestream channel interface.
  4. The Live Stream "Following" list will now show all followed and viewed streamers.
  5. Optimized the game's logo in sharing images in various places throughout the game.
  6. Gender options have been added to the character creation process (you are nwo free to keep your gender anonymous).
  7. Optimizde the Events Hall interface's loading performance. Optimized inventory loading performance.
  8. Incremental download tips will now display progress according to the total amount of resource that need to be downloaded for the current version.
  9. Hero and skin Trial Cards can nwo be used in bulk.
  10. Enabled High Frame Rate Mode for some models.
VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a problem where [Fanny] would disappear when usign skills while a skin was equipped.
  2. Fixed a problem where sound would not stop playing when watching [Zhask] in referee or replay mode.
  3. Fixed a problem where opening the minimap to send a signal would cause issues with the screen drag function.
  4. Fided a problem where units usmmoned by [Sun] and [Vexana] were not inheriting the corresponding item attributes.
  5. Fixed a bag problem where, if your iventory was full and you used an item, the item interface would be stuck to the top of your screen.
  6. Fixed a problem where [Roger], [Lancelot], and other heroes' invincibility skills were nto playing properly during live streams.
  7. Fixed a problem where [Natalia] would not only cast her ultimate in the direction of a nearby target.
  8. Fixed a problem in the recently obtained heroes section of the Profile interface, where an error was displayed on the last button.
  9. Fixed a problem where an Avatar error occurred when accepting an invitation ot a lobby, the nleaving the lobby to change your Avatar and then re-entering the room.
  10. Added a Not bound shortcut function to the Account Binding interface, allowing you to go directly to the binding page.
  11. Fixed a problem where Emblems with hybrid penetration and recovery attributes were not fully effective in battle.
  12. Fixed an issue with the Common Magic Emblem Set's second tier Talent [Desire] displaying double attributes.
  13. Solved an issue that occurred under special conditions on some Android devices where models would sometimes be blacked out.

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Angela Bunnylove New 499 Diamonds, 24.000 BP. Launch Week Discount: 30% off. Hero Specialty: an adorable android who can support allies from anywhere on the map and deal heavy damage! Skill 1 - Love Waves Launches love energy in...