Patch Notes 1.2.48
Dear players

We wish you enjoy yourselves in the new season. We bring the new scene skin [The Celestial Palace] of 5v5 classic mode. We have reworked on the old hero [Bane]. We hope you would enjoy these.

Dear player, old emblem system has been with us for over a year. As time went by, we have found some flaws in the system. For example, 6 emblem sets are not so specially made for roles, players have limited choices and lack of pursuit towards emblems. As a result, we substantially adjusted and improved the emblem system. Hope you enjoy the new system.

I. New and Revamped Heroes

Jawhead Steel Sweetheart New
599 Diamonds, 32.000 BP. Launch Week Discount: 30% off.

Role: Sustained DPS, solo fighter, throwing units of both enemies' and allies'.

Skill 1 - Smart Missiles
Places body-mounted missiles into launch state for a while, randomly launching multiple attacks on surrounding targets. Each missile deals physical damage.
Skill 2 - Ejector
Tap to enter the throwing state (increases movement speed and grants a damage-absorbing shield), then tap it again to throw a nearby target to a specified location. Throwing an enemy deals physical damage and stuns the target to a specified location. Throwing an enemy deals physical damage and stuns the target and enemies where the target lands. Jawhead's throw prioritizes heroes, and teammates can be also be thrown, but they will not take damage.
Ultimate - Unstoppable Force
Locks onto an enemy hero and charges into them, stunning them briefly, while knocking back nearby enemies. Jawhead's ultimate deals physical damage to all affected enemy targets.
Passive - Mecha Suppression
Each time Jawhead deals damage to a target, Jawhead inflicts it with a stack fo compression. Each stack increases Jawhead's damage dealt to the target.

Bane Lord of the Seven Seas
Revamped Hero [Lord of the Seven Seas] -- [Bane] will replace the old Bane. Players who have already purchased the old Bane will be able to use the new [Bane]. His purchase price will remain unchanged.

Role: AOE, team fight, push, fighter

Skill 1 - Crab Claw Cannon
Fires the Crab Claw Cannon in a specified direction, dealing physical damage to the first target hit. After hitting a target, or reaching the maximum distance, Crab Claw Cannon shells will scatter backwards, dealing physical damage to targets, while slowing their movement speed and inflicting them with the "Inked" effect.
Skill 2 - Rum
Bane takes a sip of rum, immediately restoring HP and increasing movement speed. Bane can then spit venom forward in a fan-shaped area for the following, dealing magic damage to enemies and applying the "Inked" effect. The longer the venom is brewed, the more damage it will deal.
Ultimate - Air Assault
Harnesses tidal energy, summoning deep-sea fish to close in on the specified location. Each attack hits nearby enemies for physical damage. Deals damage to towers.
Passive - Shark Bite
Bane's weapon is infused with tidal energy. When infused, teh damage of his next basic attack will be increased and deal additional splash damage to nearby enemies, while slowing them. Hitting an "Inked" enemy with a basic attack will reduce the cooldown of Shark Bite.
II. Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/01/19 05:01:00 --- 2018/01/26 05:01:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Alice Akai Clint Johnson Chou Yi Sun-shin Lapu-Lapu Vexana

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Fanny Natalia Alpha Estes Harley Grock

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/01/26 05:01:00 --- 2018/02/02 05:01:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Karina Lolita Hayabusa Kagura Fanny Cyclops Hilda Gatotkaca

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Irithel Sun Moskov Lapu-Lapu Harley Lancelot

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/02/02 05:01:00 --- 2018/02/09 05:01:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Franco Rafaela Clint Sun Ruby Moskov Lapu-Lapu Roger

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Lolita Yi Sun-shin Estes Karrie Grock Argus

New Hero Skins:

Jawhead Girl Scout New
269 Diamonds. [Jawhead] and the [Girl Scout] skin will be sold in a new gift pack! Launch Week discount: 30% off
Bane Deep Sea Monster New
[Bane] Skin - [Deep Sea Monster], Bane's Booty Event Reward
Bane Count Dracula
[Bane] Skin - [Count Dracula], will be 30% off in its first week - stay tuned!
III. Hero Adjustments

Gord Gord
Skill 2
Mystic Injunction
The frequency of dealing damage increases by 10%
Tigreal Tigreal
Passive remade: Crit Damage taken by Tigreal is reduced by 32%~60% (the effect scales with level). Physical and Magic damage gained from gear increased by 15%.
Moskov Moskov
Skill 1
Abyss Walker
Mana consumption is reduced 15 points at all levels.
Minotaur Minotaur
Skill 1
Despair Hammer
Damage is adjusted from 320 + 30 * skill level + 1.2 * Extra Physical ATK to 255 + 25 * skill level + 0.6 * Physical ATK. If in Rage Mode, Despair Hammer deals an additional damage of the target's maximum health.

Optimized display effect

Optimized skill effect

Hayabusa Hayabusa
Skill 2
Quad Shadow
Fixed a problem where hero direction and movement direction were out of sync. Optimized skill tips shown after consuming shadows.
Skill 1
Phantom Shuriken
Optimized Mana restoration effect.
Fixed a problem wehre Brutal Massacre was unable to interrupt some channelled skills.
Balmond Balmond
Optimized the [Ghoul's Fury] skin model. Optimized the skill icons of Bloodthirst and Lethal Counter.
Skill 1
Cyclone Sweep
You can now initiate other skills while this skill is in progress. Using another skill will interrupt Cyclone Sweep.
Optimized the [Dark Rose] skin model.
Optimized skill icons.

Optimized Cut Throat's skill icon.

Fixed a problem where the [Campus Youth] skin would sometimes disappear.

Repaired a problem where Frost Shock's special effects were not functioning.
IV. Battle Equipment and Spell Adjustments


  1. Optimized death replay, players can view death information by touching the icon.
  2. Optimized AFK AI, AI controlling AFK characters will be smarter.
    • When AFK players reconnect, the AFK AI icon will disappear at once. IF the players take no action for one minute after reconnecting, players with best stats will make the choice whether AI controls the character or not.
    • When initiating a surrender vote, AI will choose surrender.
  3. New shortcut is added to custom chat shortcuts ---- Heading to turtle!
  4. In certain situation of low rank division, system will send highlighting tips and do auto pruchase for players who buy no gear for a long time.
  5. Adjusted the position of battleground spell in Brawl to make it more convenient to use.

Battleground gear:

Pillager Axe
Pillager Axe
The price is adjusted from 770 to 720.
Star Shard
Star Shard
The price is adjusted from 1875 to 1505
Beast Killer
Beast Killer
The price is adjusted from 1825 to 1605. After using retribution, damage taken by the shield is adjusted from 6% of maximum health to 9%.
Raptor Machete
Raptor Machete
The price is adjusted from 1700 to 1550, ATK provided by this item is reduced from 35 to 30.

Optimized the following equipment icons:

Dagger Vampire Mallet Enchanted Talisman Demon's Advent Brute Force Breastplate

Battleground skill:

Cooldown is adjusted from 30 seconds to 35 seconds.
Players can now stop the chanting of Arrival by touching the icon again and 50 seconds cooldown will be returned. Icon of Arrival is replaced with new one. Highlight will appear in mini map, when using Arrival.
V. New Events and Features

  1. The Bane's Booty event has started! Complete special quests to collect Treasure Map fragments, and you can get packs of containing a variety of rewards, including the hero Bane, Bane skins, and Tickets (the same skin rewards will be available on all servers).
    1. Event Description: in this event, there are a total of 6 islands, and each island has 6 to 7 separate quests. Complete the quests to obtain Emblem Packs and Treasure Map Fragments.
    2. Unlocking Island: after collecting a specified number of Treasure Map Fragments on your current island, you can unlock the next island, granted that the isalnd's unlocking time has arrived.
    3. Gameplay: in this event, the more Treasure Map Fragments you collect, the more rewards you'll get!
    4. Receiving Rewards: you can receive your rewards from the progress bar at the bottom of the event interface. Tap to receive.
  2. New scene skin: we add a new scene skin - The Celestial Palace. You can change the scene skin of map by touching the button at the bottom of the matching room (free).
  3. Odette's Puzzle: during the event period, you can get Emblem Fragments, Hero Trial Cards, and the permanent hero Odette!
    1. Event Description: this event has 7 phases of quests. Only one phase can be completed every day. After completing all of the phases, you can get the permanent hero Odette!
    2. When the event begins, only players with an account at least 8 days old can participate.
    3. If you already own Odette, you'll get 10.666 Battle Points for completing all of the quests.
    4. For more details on the specific start tiem of this event, please refer to in-game mail notifications.
  4. New Emblem System: in-game tutorial available
VI. System Adjustments

  1. Optimized the logic of red point remind:
    1. Activity: Skin Giftpack
    2. System: Email, Prep(skill)
  2. Entrances to season rewards and rank rules are added to rank room
  3. Optimized the Report function after battle, multi-players can be selected when reporting.
  4. Fixed the bug of wrong position of turrets in the minimap of tutorial.
  5. Optimized the Chinese titles of some heroes and skins.
  6. Optimized the display of Limited Avatar Border in the main interface.
  7. Geneder and squad will be shown in history. Fixed the problem where medal scores are wrongly shown.
  8. Added a streaming assistant display and hide switch to the in-game broadcasting interface. You can configure your settings in your Stream Info and Livestream Channel settings.
VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the problem that when sharing battle results, Hilda is displayed as Miya in jungle tutorial.
  2. Fixed the problem where Hayabusa moves towards back when he turns into shadow.
  3. Fixed a stream spectator viewing mode issue, where heroes who were supposed to be set to invisible were appearing on screen.
  4. Fixed the problem where Limited Avatar Borders got in certain situations are not shown in the avatar border list.
  5. Fixed the problem where wrong Avatar Border is shown when opening the hero list in Draft Pick Mode.
  6. Fixed a problem where Skin Trial Cards for time-limited event skins could not be used in the hero selection interface.

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We wish you enjoy yourselves in the new season. We bring the new scene skin [The Celestial Palace] of 5v5 classic mode. We have reworked on the old hero [Bane]. We hope you would enjoy these. Dear player, old emblem system has been with us for over a year. As time...