Patch Notes 1.2.44
Happy New Year!

Dear MLBB Players, Happy New Year 2018! Welcome to the first season of the New Year. In the past year or so, we have committed ourseleves to providing you with a rich and fun competitive sports environment, and we will continue to push this goal even further this year. In the first update of the new season, we've adjusted some of the game's Fighters and Tanks to improve the gameplay experience of using these heroes in battle. We also plan to adjust and reveamp other weaker heroes as the season progresses. Later this month, a brand-new emblem system will land - we believe it will make a huge impact and create a fresh and exhilarating new experience for youa all. Thank you for all the support you've shown us, and we sincerely hope that you have a happy new year in MLBB.

I. New and Revamped Heroes

Lesley Sniper New
599 Diamonds, 32.000 BP. Launch Week Discount: 30% off.

PS: Lesley will be on stage on 2018-1-9 at server time.

Role: Ghosty sniper-type marksman hero, killing in a long range.

Skill 1 - Master of Camouflage
Enters Camouflage state, dealing or taking damage will cancel the state. while in Camouflage state, the space around her is twisted that can be noticed by enemies.
Skill 2 - Tactical Grenade
Throws a tactical grenade, dealing physical damage to enemies and knocking them back while she steps back a little.
Ultimate - Ultimate Snipe
Abandons her senses and captures all enemy moves in an area by her mind. Shoots out a deadly bullet, dealing physical damage. The bullet can be blocked by another hero.
Passive - Lethal Shot
Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants energy. If she doesn't take damage for a while, her next basic attack has a longer range, dealing extra damage. Use any skill will reset Lethal Shot's cooldown.
II. Weekly Free Heroes and New Skins

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/01/05 05:00:00 - 2018/01/12 05:01:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Akai Clint Bruno Chou Alpha Johnson Estes Karrie

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Minotaur Yi Sun-shin Aurora Gatotkaca Irithel Odette

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/01/12 05:00:00 - 2018/01/19 05:01:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Karina Franco Bruno Hayabusa Sun Moskov Aurora Roger

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Lolita Kagura Ruby Vexana Karrie Argus

8 Free Heroes: Server Time: 2018/01/19 05:00:00 - 2018/01/26 05:01:00 (Tap the setting button in the upper right corner of the home screen to check).

Alice Akai Clint Johnson Chou Yi Sun-shin Lapu-Lapu Vexana

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Fanny Natalia Alpha Estes Harley Grock

New Skins:

Lesley Royal Musketeer New
269 Diamonds. [Lesley] and her skin [Royal Musketeer] will be sold in a bundle - Launch Week discount: 30% off
Karrie Dragon Queen New
2018 January Starlight Member Skin
Saber Fullmental New
599 Diamonds -- Launch Week Discount: 30% off watch this space!
III. Hero Adjustments

Pharsa Pharsa
Skill 1
Wings By Wings

Fixed a bug where, after using this skill, entering brush and then returning to her human form. Pharsa would lose the stealth effect grabted brush.

Solved a display error bug when first selecting this hero.

Alpha Alpha
Skill 1
Spear of Alpha
Control duration and range increased by 10%
Skill 2
Force Sweep
Damage bonus from equipment attack bonus adjusted for total attack bonus. Base damage adjusted from 350/420/490/560/630/700 to 200/280/360/440/520/600, and bonus ratio adjusted from 2.7 to 2.
Vexana Vexana
Skill 3
Cursed Oath
Damage over time duration adjusted to 5 seconds, and damage interval adjusted to 0.5 seconds. Reduced health regenration effect adjusted to 100%.
Skill 1
Charmed Specter
Bullet speed adjusted from 6 to 7.5. AP bonus adjusted from 0.8 to 1. Base damage icnreased by 30 points. Fixed the width of the indicator to be consisent with the actual skill.
Skill 2
Nether Snare
Fixed a problem where the actual effective range and the indicator range were inconsistent.
Gord Gord
Skill 2
Mystic Injunction
Duration increased by 0.5s, damage interval remains unchanged.
Kagura Kagura
Yin Yang Gathering
Adjusted max pushback distance from 4.5 to 4.2.
Roger Roger
Attack growth
Attack growth adjusted from 9.65 to 10.8.
Bloodthirsty Howl
Duration adjusted from 5 seconds to 4 seconds. Attack speed increase reduced by 10%.
Gatotkaca Gatotkaca
Skill 2
Damage adjusted from 100 + 20 x Skill Level + 0.3 x Total Magic Power to 90 + 20 x Skill Level + 1% of Max HP.
Skill 3
Avatar Of Guardian
Range adjusted from 9 to 12.
Hylos Hylos
Skill 2
Ring of Punishment
Mana cost adjusted from 25 + Skill Level x 25 to Skill Level x 30.
Thickened Blood
HP gained from each point of Mana adjusted from 1 to 1.5.
Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu
Skill 1
Justice Blade
Light Sword State's extra physical damage bonus adjusted from 0.25 to 0.5. Heavy Sword State total physical attack bonus adjusted from 2 to 1.5.
Skill 2
Brave Stance
Removed physical and magical defense increase from Heavy Sword State. This now takes effect in Light Sword State.
Skill 3
Chiefttain's Rage
Increases Lapu-Lapu's defense. Duration adjusted from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
Estes Estes
Skill 1
Moonlight Immersion
HP restored instantly at max level increased by 40, and HP restored over time increased by 50. This change applies to the enhanced Moonlight Immersion released when using Blessing of Moon Goddess, accordingly.
Skill 2
Domain Of Moon Goddess
Mana cost reduced by 100 points at max level.
Chou Chou
Skill 3
The Way of Dragon
Optimized the feel of this skill. Slightly increased airborne time, and also icnreased follow-up chase time.
Freya Freya
Skill 3
Now grants a shield for 2 seconds, absorbing damage based on the number of enemies damaged.
Helcurt Helcurt
Race Advantage
Improved description to better reflect the actual effect.
Optimized [Demon Hunter] skin model.
Optimized [Campsu Youth] skin model.
Optimized [Wasteland Butcher] skin model.
IV. Battle Equipment and Spell Adjustments


  1. Added new battleground avatars for the Giant Mouth Monster, Crab, and Ghost Mage.
  2. Optimized skill cancelation cooldown performance when lacking Mana or Energy.
  3. Optimized the lock-on indicator in Hero Lock Mode and hero lock-on avatars.
  4. Optimized the battlefiedl attribute and skill description typesetting in the interface, added Physical PEN and Magical PEN to the display, and adjusted previous attribute display and naming, including: [HP] to [Max HP], [Mana] to [Max Mana], [Energy] to [Max Energy], and [Rage] to [Max Rage].
  5. Slightly extended the interval between the determination of a Maniac and Savage!
  6. Optimized the default Battle Spell recommendations. They're now based on which spells have been unlocked for a more practical configuration.
  7. Optimized special effects for recommended skill point upgrades, and when playing for a long time without upgrading skills, the game will automatically upgrade skill points for you.
  8. Optimized minion icon colors on the minimap.
  9. Enemy displacement effects can now interrupt enemy skills.


Deadly Blade
Deadly Blade
Removed 300 HP and 15 physical penetration attributes. Added 15% attack speed. Adjusted build route. Total priced adjusted to 1,950.
Corrosion Scythe
Corrosion Scythe
a. Attack power provided adjusted from 30 to 50. HP provided adjusted from 1,000 to 400. Now provides 15% attack speed.
b. Merged the original two passive skills to make one new passive - Impulse: Dealing damage with basic attacks increase your physical attack by 2%, up to a maximum of up 6%, for 3 seconds. Adjusted the build route. Total price adjusted to 2,350.
Blade Of The 7 Seas
Blade Of The 7 Seas
Removed 205 attack speed, attack power provided adjusted from 65 to 75, and removed unique passive -- Fury. Unique passive -- Steamroll's duration adjusted from 2s to 3s. Total price adjusted to 1,950.
Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen
Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen
HP provided adjusted from 770 to 1,000. Duration adjusted from 2 seconds to 3 seconds. Total price adjusted to 1,950. Provides 10% cooldown reduction. Unique passive -- Demonize's damage reduction effect adjusted from 30% to 40%. Total price adjusted to 2,250.
V. New Events and Features

MPL Celebration

Event Opening Time: January 9, 2018 00:00 until the end of the MPL competition. You can see the big prizes of the two major contest regions in the event interface, and you can also buy time-limited avatar borders to support yout favourite competitors 201% pf the amount spent will be added to the corresponding division's prize money, and you'll also receive Tounaments Medals, which can be used to support your favourite teams and players. These can also be directly exchanged for the exclusive MPL skin [Rafaela] - [Biomedic]!

VI. System ADjustments

  1. In order to grant Russian users more ways to share the game and game content, we've added some Facebook sharing functions for Russian client users, and Russian players can also sync Facebook friends and gift each other battle Points.
  2. Adjusted team ranked match parameters to make matching more accurate.
  3. Optimized the following events and the system's corresponding red dot prompt logic:
    • Events: Time-limited Quests, Treasure Hunt, Weekly Recommendations, Invite Old Friends.
    • System: Competitions, Broadcasts, Guides
VII. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a Draft Pick Mode bug where you couldn't select certain heroes.
  2. Fixed a bug where [Franco] had an extra-long-distance hook when encountering [Hilda].
  3. Fixed a problem where [Yi Sun-shin's] base was often incorrect.
  4. Fixed a problem where you couldn't hear sound effects or see special effects when attacking an enemy with a shield effect.
  5. Fixed a problem where tapping duplicate items in your backpack many times would deselect the item.
  6. Fixed an icon confusion problem in the competition voting interface that occurred when using a device with a large screen.
  7. Fixed a problem where [Diggie's] Time Journey was increasing his team's attack and defense.

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Dear MLBB Players, Happy New Year 2018! Welcome to the first season of the New Year. In the past year or so, we have committed ourseleves to providing you with a rich and fun competitive sports environment, and we will continue to push this goal even further this...