Patch Notes 1.2.38
I. New Hero & Revamped Heroes

Helcurt Shadowbringer New
599 Diamonds, 32.000 BP, 30% OFF first week

Role: An assassin hero with special disabling ability

Skill 1
Skill 1 - Shadow Raid
Vanishes right away and appears at a target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies and silencing them. Passive: It will also inflict a slow effect on enemies at night.
Skill 2
Skill 2 - Deadly Poisoned Stinger
Fires Poisoned Stingers in a forward direction, dealing physical damage. Passive: Each basic attack increases one poisoned stinger.
Skill 3
Ultimate - Dark Night Falls
Summons the night, making all enemy heroes lose their allied vision and nearby vision. Passive: Increases Helcurt's attack speed and movement speed at night(Not effective on enemy Helcurt).
Passive - Race Advantage
Nearby hero casting skills on him will be silenced. This effect has a short cooldown on one single target.
II. Weekly Free Hero and New Skin

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2017/12/8 05:00:00 to 2017/12/15 05:01:00 (tap Setting button to check):

Alice Akai Bane Lolita Chou Yi Sun-shin Hilda Vexana

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Rafaela Minotaur Alpha Gord Roger Grock

8 Free Heroes: Server Time 2017/12/15 05:00:00 to 2017/12/22 05:01:00 (tap Setting button to check):

Karina Bruno Franco Hayabusa Sun Moskov Cyclops Roger

Starlight Member Extra 6:

Fanny Kagura Ruby Hilda Karrie Argus

New Skins:

Exoracial Executre
Helcurt Exoracial Executre New
269 diamonds. [Helcurt] and his skin - [Exoracial Executer] will be sold in a giftpack, 30% OFF first week
War Angel
Freya War Angel New
[Freya]'s Skin - [War Angel], can be obtained in Lucky Treasure event.Coming Soon!
III. Hero Changes

Freya Freya

Skill 2
Godspeed Strike
Mana cost adjusted to 45+skill lv*10 from 75+skill lv*5

Franco Franco

Wasteland Force
Trigger adjusted to "doesn't take damage for a short time" from "leaving combat"

Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin

Skill 2
Blood Floods
The first enemy hit takes full damage, the next target takes 20% less damage etc., up to 40% less. Movement speed reduction while charging adjusted to 20% from 30%
Improved battle effect
Improved battle effect

Lancelot Lancelot

Skill 2
Thorned Rose
It only gets 40% of spell vamp
Skill 3
Phantom Execution
Physical scaling ratio adjusted to 1.8 from 2.5

Saber Saber

Skill 1
Flying Sword
It only gets 40% of spell vamp
Basic attack indicator adjusted to the same as actual range

Kagura Kagura

Skill 1
Seimei Umbrella Open
AP scaling ratio adjusted to 1.3 from 1.5
Skill 3
Yin Yang Overturn
With umbrella, basic damage adjusted to 260/330/400 from 250/300/350
Improved skill and basic attack effects

Zhask Zhask

Skill 1
Nightmaric Spawn
Improved HP bar and removed unnecessary elements

Chou Chou

Skill 2
Slightly increased distance when moving over terrains
Adjusted recommended gear sets
Adjusted recommended gear sets
IV. Gear & Battle Spell Changes

Battle Changes:

  1. Improved some A.I. behaviors
    1. After recalling, A.I. will leave the respawn when HP and mana is full
    2. A.I. will be more intelligent to use recall or walk back to the respawn
    3. A.I. will not cast skill on turrets
  2. In Emblem System, keep the consistency of "Spell Vamp" in skills and the effect - Bloodthirst. This attribute means "regen HP from skill damage". Improved the effect of moving numbers of lifesteal.(Now multiple numbers from one damage will be combined into 1 number. When the number is lower than 50, it will not be shown.
  3. Improved the camera movement after each match
  4. Slightly adjusted the map of Brawl. Now there are 4 jungle monsters on both sides. Kill them grants huge amounts of HP and mana.
  5. Improved the effect of surrender to make it more obvious
  6. Speed up the regen effect after recalling
  7. Now hero will be invisible 0.3s after he/she enters a bush
  8. Improved backswings of some flash-like skills

Battle Spells:

Iron Wall
Iron Wall
Adjusted to "In 3s, physical and magic damage taken is reduced by 40%"
Added 1 more chance of blocking basic attack and improved the description


Mystic Container
Mystic Container New
It grants 15 magic attack, 300 HP, 12% of magic lifesteal. How to craft: [Mystery Codex]+[Vitality Crystal] Craft Price: 200
Concentrated Energy
Concentrated Energy
Adjusted craft tree to: [Magic Wand]+[Mystic Container], total price stays the same
Star Shard
Star Shard
It no longer grants 10% CD reduction and 400 max mana. Magic attack increased to 30 from 20. New attribute: +25 mana regen. Unique - Warding Wind to Gorge: Killing a jungle monster grants 0.5% damage, stacking up to 10 times
V. System Changes

  1. Added new tips: No Favorite Hero and No Replay
  2. Added new feature: Tapping on other player's national flag to check the name of the nation in Profile
  3. Added facebook page sharing feature: Player can now share his/her own facebook page in State.
  4. Improved recent visitors tips in Profile
  5. Added tutorial of picking heroes in the first Brawl match
  6. Improved Ping display
  7. System will recommend to switch graphic when the frame rate is too low
  8. Skins will be auto-used when selecting skins
  9. When the skin effect resources are not downloaded yet, default effects will be used instead
  10. Increased the number of local replays. Latest 5 matches are auto-saved. 10 matches can be saved manually. Players can now upload abnormal matches.
  11. After a friend leaves the room, state of the room can be refreshed on time now.
  12. Improved the red spot in friend application. It will not be shown once read.
  13. Improved the display of iPhone X's home bar. The home bar will fade away when not touched in a short time.
VI. Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug that when player sends a skin to a friend, if the friend is has used a skin trial card, it shows the player has owned the skin already.
  2. Fixed the bug that the animation of losing stars in ranked displays incorrectly
  3. Fixed the bug that the card of heroes and skins in Shop may display incorrectly
  4. Fixed the bug that [Kagura]'s umbrella effect may be seen in bushes
  5. Fixed the bug that the skill effect of [Karina]'s Elusiveness is not effective
  6. Fixed the bug that [Saber]'s ultimate can knock into the air at the moment the enemy recalls
  7. Fixed the bug that in some situations, the game may crush while authorizing Facebook in
  8. Android7.0
  9. Fixed the bug that there might be 2 send BP push notes
  10. Fixed the bug that buttons overlaps in Friends while the game is in Russian
  11. Fixed the compatible issue of displaying model shadow in some devices
  12. Fixed the bug that purchasing Starlight Member season card doesn't unlock Starlight achievements.Achievement will be added to those players who have the issue.
  13. Fixed the bug that there is no line feed when the text is too long
  14. Improved that players can now drag the background to check earlier log instead of dragging the
  15. texts
  16. Fixed the bug that player ID displays incorrectly
  17. Fixed the bug that when [Chou] uses the 2nd skill - Shunpo to dodge Harley's ultimate, skill effect doesn't display correctly
  18. Fixed the bug that [Fanny] with [Immortality] ressurects in a wrong place
  19. Fixed the bug that [Sun] clone's skill effect doesn't scale with levels

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Helcurt Shadowbringer New 599 Diamonds, 32.000 BP, 30% OFF first week Role: An assassin hero with special disabling ability Skill 1 - Shadow Raid Vanishes right away and appears at a target location, dealing damage to nearby...