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Prologue: An Unlikely Duo

Akai was lost in his thoughts that day. Whatever the cause was, Akai was not feeling well and his mixer aims and jumps weren't hitting any of the enemies.

Lancelot was busy in the jungle battling with a monster, and began to notice Akai approach him. Lancelot wasn't the type to notice any odd behaviors, or if one of his allies were feeling unwell. So with his usual speaking tone, he greeted his comrade.

"Ah, if it isn't our main tank Akai, how fare you during this fine day in the battlefield? I have just finished slaying this monster and now on my way to building my first main item - the Bloodlust Axe - such a fairly unsuitable item for my royal elegance, don't you think?"

Akai didn't seem to comprehend Lancelot's musings and interpreted it as babbles and nonsense.

"Lancelot, I don't feel so good," Akai said instead, scratching the back of his neck with the hilt of his weapon.

"Oh? How intriguing." Lancelot responded, "You have always been a reliable tank during our battles. Your brilliantly calculated moves are pivotal to our team's success! My, if you are not feeling well, this could cost us the victorious outcome of our battle!"

"I know...this is why I'm asking for your help."

"But what could it be?" Lancelot walked with the panda towards the bottom lane tower to clear the approaching minion wave, "Have you not eaten anything to upset your stomach as of late? It could be due to all the bamboo shoots and basil leaves."

"I'm fairly sure my diet isn't the problem - I've been eating the same food ever since I could remember..."

Lancelot felt confused by this. And after a few seconds of thinking, the prince came to a conclusion.

A gust of wind caused Lancelot's cape to sway in a heroic motion, as he brought out his rose, and gave a wink at the humble panda warrior.

"My dear Akai. Hah-hah-hah! I have concluded that this affliction is all due to the matters of your heart! Love has naught but caused your soul to be at such a dwindling chaos. You have come to the right person. I, Lancelot, shall be wingman!"

Lancelot was proud of himself, for yet again, his princely devotion to the Land of Dawn will not only find use to end the enemy's base, but also to grant peace to his long-time comrades.

Akai was only confused by this, but he felt he could trust his ally. After all, they have been through a lot on the Land of Dawn.

"I don't know what you mean, Lance, but let's give it a try."

Lancelot then raised his sword to strike down the last battering minion, "FOR LOVE!" and picked up the 69 gold it dropped. "And...ah...another component for my Bloodlust Axe."

Lancelot turned to Akai and laid down his overheroic tones, "Alas, my friend, I have to be roaming. You must hold this lane for now whilst I take my leave. Worry not, for I shall return."

"Sure, Lance, I will. See you again in a bit." Akai responded, and proceeded to the minion waves.

And so, Lancelot was off.

Chapter 1: Shadows of Dawn

Akai was trying to be steady on his feet, positioning himself wisely to defend his teammates and take the hits for them, especially the team's marksman.

Miya was Akai's teammate during that battle. The moon elf was quick on her toes to blend in with the shadows, shooting her arrows only when necessary. Miya was a tough one to get along with. She was, after all, as mysterious as the night.

Akai was still feeling unwell like before, but he didn't want the team's marksman to notice this. The panda was worried showing weakness would cause her to be unfocused, or worse, get her killed or have them lose the battle.

Miya glanced at Akai for a bit, with her usual blank expression, and their eyes met. Akai blushed and looked away. Miya seemed to just shrug it off, and disappeared in the jungle.

Suddenly, Lancelot came out from the opposite jungle, heroically jumping out from the bushes. Akai was shook and his heart suddenly pounded.

"Lancelot! Y-You scared me!"

"Hah-hah-hah! Were you scared, or were you not dazzled by my most brilliant handsome?" Lancelot gestured, tilting his head and giving the panda a wink.

Akai stomped and was annoyed for a bit that Lancelot was playing around with him.

"Marvel not, my friend, I am just kidding with you." Lancelot said, as he sheathed his sword, chilling with Akai under the tower as the minions fight to their deaths, "I have seen your wary gazes towards our lady Miya over seems I am correct that you do fancy her."

"'re not wrong...Miya does have a certain charm to her."

"It is true! Miya is quite the beauty. Truly I'm one to admire her myself. But have you not seen her actions outside of battle? You would be vehemently surprised!"

"Lancelot, you know I think it's wrong to snoop about in other's personal lives outside of the war-"

Lancelot tilted his head, flipping his hair in the process, "You don't say? Well, come to think of it, it does seem unfitting of my royal stature to know of these things...if my beloved sister Guinevere were here, she would beat me senseless."

"I'm beginning to see why Guinevere would hate you, Lancelot."

"True. Anyway, as I was saying, Miya was--"

"Shouldn't we be finishing this battle first?" Akai interrupted, as he noticed the enemy team's Grock and Karrie in front of their tower, pushing effortlessly.

"But Akai, you have sternly indicated that you're not feeling well, and I am here as your closest ally to help you of this. Isn't that not as important?" Lancelot raised his eyebrows intently, arms across his chest. Akai didn't know what it meant. Lancelot's language seemed outside of his comprehension.

Akai left Lancelot under the tower, feeling more confused, as he threw a frog beam at the enemy Karrie and proceeded to jump and stun her.

"Well played," Lancelot snapped, as he took his ally's cue and performed a skill combo to take the kill.

"Grock apologize, Karrie," the enemy Grock said as he retreated.

"Hah! Serves you right for not looking out for her!" Akai was pumped.

"Now's not the time to celebrate yet, Akai. We need to follow-up on our allies to do the pushing. Our goal is to break their base after all," Lancelot responded, as they both took down the minions and destroyed the enemy's bot lane tower.

"Right. Thanks" Akai replied, as the duo marched on.

*Meanwhile, yesterday night...*

The lights were out in the Land of Dawn, and the Heroes were free to do whatever they wanted and some even hung out with each other. A certain elf lady was in the local pub, gulping through some cocktails.

"Rafaela, I have some news for you." Miya rushed as the charming angel walked to her table to grab a seat.

The local pub was teeming with different heroes from the Land of Dawn. The bustling night was an entirely different phase compared to the dawn of the battlefield. The moon elves, such as Miya, had...something else about them.

"You know, there's this Hero from a different land? I'm finding him to be a bit dreamy, honestly. I'm a total fan and it's insane that he wore this shirt that was auctioned for 320000 diamonds. I'd honestly don't know how people could spend that much of an amount for just a shirt of someone they admire so dearly."

"I agree. I've prayed to get some tickets to see his concert, and the gods must have been delighted and answered my prayers. Are you going to see them too?" Rafaela sat next to her, sipping her tea.

"Well, we haven't really been used in ranked games often, so I hope we're available during that day. Battling in the Land of Dawn can be so tiring sometimes..." Miya responded. Her head was resting on the table, and her back was slouched.

Rafaela lightly shook her head in disagreement. "I don't think you should be concerned. We are, after all, rewarded with all these costumes, and are being accommodated well. I personally love the Flower Fairy costume. It's delightful."

"You don't say..." Miya said, as she shrugged, "But you're right. The guys though..."

"So you're having boy problems?" Rafaela smiled, as she took another sip of her tea, "I'm here to talk about it if you'd like."

"I don't think I should...I mean, you're charming, Rafaela." Miya said, staring at Rafaela intently.

"Why, thank you. My heart belongs to Kaja, so..."

Miya got flustered all of a sudden. It just dawned on her. "I...I'm sorry! I didn't was obvious all this time, Rafaela. Gosh, I'm so proud of you!"

The elf lady rushed to the winged angel and gave her a tight hug. Rafaela was slightly shocked but felt happy at the sudden motion of her friend.

"I have to go for a bit - see you in battle!" Miya then went off rushing. Lancelot came from the direction she went to, and he couldn't help but notice the female's actions.

The prince of royalty went to Rafaela's location. Miya's actions seem to have piqued his interest, "Ah, my loveliest Rafaela. Mind if we share a cup of tea?"

"Oh, Lancelot, it would be my pleasure..."

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Akai was lost in his thoughts that day. Whatever the cause was, Akai was not feeling well and his mixer aims and jumps weren't hitting any of the enemies. Lancelot was busy in the jungle battling with a monster, and began to notice Akai approach him. Lancelot...