In this page you can find items, spell and talent builds of your favourite heroes.

No. Hero Class Rank Build Views
1 Rafaela Rafaela Support B View 10.6k views
2 Estes Estes Support C View 13.5k views
3 Diggie Diggie Support A View 16.8k views
4 Angela Angela Support S View 18.8k views
5 Kaja Kaja Support A+ View 24.4k views
6 Faramis Faramis Support C View 8.9k views
7 Carmilla Carmilla Support B View 42.6k views
8 Tigreal Tigreal Tank S View 18.3k views
9 Akai Akai Tank A View 12k views
10 Franco Franco Tank A+ View 18.6k views
11 Minotaur Minotaur Tank B View 9.7k views
12 Lolita Lolita Tank B View 22.3k views
13 Johnson Johnson Tank S View 7.7k views
14 Gatotkaca Gatotkaca Tank A+ View 11.4k views
15 Grock Grock Tank B View 46.6k views
16 Hylos Hylos Tank S View 28.4k views
17 Uranus Uranus Tank B View 30.7k views
18 Belerick Belerick Tank A View 11.6k views
19 Khufra Khufra Tank S+ View 71.4k views
20 Baxia Baxia Tank A View 15.3k views
21 Atlas Atlas Tank A+ View 29.8k views
22 Barats Barats Tank S+ View 16.3k views
23 Alice Alice Mage B View 20.6k views
24 Nana Nana Mage C View 22.3k views
25 Eudora Eudora Mage A View 15k views
26 Gord Gord Mage C View 21k views
27 Kagura Kagura Mage A+ View 20.3k views
28 Cyclops Cyclops Mage A View 9.8k views
29 Aurora Aurora Mage C View 7k views
30 Vexana Vexana Mage C View 4.8k views
No. Hero Class Rank Build Views
31 Harley Harley Mage B View 11.6k views
32 Odette Odette Mage C View 12.4k views
33 Zhask Zhask Mage A+ View 34.4k views
34 Pharsa Pharsa Mage A View 56.1k views
35 Valir Valir Mage A View 57k views
36 Chang'e Chang'e Mage S+ View 28.8k views
37 Vale Vale Mage S View 14.9k views
38 Lunox Lunox Mage B View 27k views
39 Harith Harith Mage B View 27.9k views
40 Kadita Kadita Mage B View 9.9k views
41 Esmeralda Esmeralda Mage S+ View 49.8k views
42 Lylia Lylia Mage B View 18.9k views
43 Cecilion Cecilion Mage A+ View 39.7k views
44 Luo Yi Luo Yi Mage S View 24.3k views
45 Saber Saber Assassin B View 16.7k views
46 Karina Karina Assassin A View 13.4k views
47 Fanny Fanny Assassin B View 14.8k views
48 Hayabusa Hayabusa Assassin A+ View 21.3k views
49 Natalia Natalia Assassin S+ View 45.5k views
50 Lancelot Lancelot Assassin S View 35.2k views
51 Helcurt Helcurt Assassin S+ View 60k views
52 Gusion Gusion Assassin A+ View 32.2k views
53 Selena Selena Assassin A View 39.4k views
54 Hanzo Hanzo Assassin C View 22.2k views
55 Ling Ling Assassin B View 79.9k views
56 Benedetta Benedetta Assassin S+ View 9.2k views
57 Mathilda Mathilda Assassin S View 6.1k views
58 Balmond Balmond Fighter B View 13.1k views
59 Alucard Alucard Fighter A View 21.7k views
60 Bane Bane Fighter C View 7.8k views
No. Hero Class Rank Build Views
61 Zilong Zilong Fighter A+ View 16.6k views
62 Freya Freya Fighter A View 25k views
63 Chou Chou Fighter S View 55.1k views
64 Sun Sun Fighter A View 9.4k views
65 Alpha Alpha Fighter C View 7.6k views
66 Ruby Ruby Fighter A+ View 18.1k views
67 Hilda Hilda Fighter A+ View 22.4k views
68 Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu Fighter S View 10.1k views
69 Roger Roger Fighter A+ View 21.8k views
70 Argus Argus Fighter A View 10.4k views
71 Jawhead Jawhead Fighter S View 30k views
72 Martis Martis Fighter C View 8.7k views
73 Aldous Aldous Fighter A+ View 23.6k views
74 Leomord Leomord Fighter A View 33.2k views
75 Thamuz Thamuz Fighter B View 39.2k views
76 Minsitthar Minsitthar Fighter B View 7k views
77 Badang Badang Fighter A+ View 33k views
78 Guinevere Guinevere Fighter S View 31.6k views
79 Terizla Terizla Fighter C View 11.3k views
80 X.Borg X.Borg Fighter A+ View 46.2k views
81 Dyrroth Dyrroth Fighter C View 22.3k views
82 Masha Masha Fighter B View 25.4k views
83 Silvanna Silvanna Fighter A+ View 54.1k views
84 Yu Zhong Yu Zhong Fighter S View 51k views
85 Khaleed Khaleed Fighter A+ View 20.6k views
86 Paquito Paquito Fighter S View 2.5k views
87 Miya Miya Marksman A View 30.4k views
88 Bruno Bruno Marksman A View 61.8k views
89 Clint Clint Marksman B View 14.7k views
90 Layla Layla Marksman B View 20.5k views
91 Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin Marksman A+ View 27.4k views
92 Moskov Moskov Marksman A View 11.8k views
93 Karrie Karrie Marksman A View 47.4k views
94 Irithel Irithel Marksman A View 9.8k views
95 Lesley Lesley Marksman A View 26.6k views
96 Hanabi Hanabi Marksman A+ View 17.2k views
97 Claude Claude Marksman S View 72.6k views
98 Kimmy Kimmy Marksman B View 39.5k views
99 Granger Granger Marksman B View 80.6k views
100 Wanwan Wanwan Marksman A+ View 58.2k views
101 Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa Marksman B View 24.9k views
102 Brody Brody Marksman S View 28.1k views

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