Team Composition Guide

This doesn't apply much in very low elo as people have lower hero pool, also you cannot see your opponent picks in classic/pre draft tiers. But if you're entering Epic you should be able to fill team compositions.

While its not possible to own every meta hero, or have a counter ready for picks, a player must know a balanced team. Here are the factors a team should consider.


  1. Synergy (summary of the guide)
  2. Attack damage
  3. Push
  4. Magic damage
  5. Durability
  6. Crowd control
  7. Item/Farm dependency
  8. Early vs Late game
  9. Mobility
  10. Counter
  11. Positioning
  12. AoE vs Single target
  13. DpS versus burst

Now I've listed them up, each team must be able to maximize their potential. This is after all, this is a team game, not a solo game. Let's face it, you most likely cannot hypercarry. Those insane players with high solo winrate are a minority, and suck it up and learn that the game isn't about one hero doing all the work.

1. Synergy/Combos

I'd put this first in case you are lazy to read the guide.

Good team synergy = Tank frontline + Crowd Control + High MAGIC damage + ATK damage melee + ATK ranged + Backline ambusher + Backline defender + Assassin/Fighter clean up/chase after + Turret push.

If your team cannot do at least 6/10 of the formula its a bad team. All of this can be present in a right team composition.

Minimal Team Composition (for low elo) = Turret push + Hero dmg + Frontliner

2. Attack damage

Assigned to MMs and dps/ADC fighters. So a team should have at least one, and ideally two of them. One MM and one melee is good. There are exceptions since some teams chose not to pick MM or go two tank, but one should make sure that they get enough punch.

Examples of high ATK: All MMs mid to late game (enough items), Leomord, Chou, Martis, late game Natalia, Jawhead, Bane, Roger, Aldous etc.

3. Push

In relation to the one above, push is about taking down turrets. It's highly correlated with attack damage as turrets don't get affected by most skills, and also related to mobility due to the capacity to split-push or travel through different lanes.

The thing is that, MMs do this the best their ranged attack can down turrets without needing to consume mana. Some assassins and fighters can also push due to mobility and damage reduction skills thay allow them to dive.

Examples of good pushers: All MMs, and mobile melee like Natalia, Hayabusa, Zilong, Helcurt. Bane's ultimate melts turrets faster than any skill.

PSA: Turrets take reduced damage before 3 minutes. Don't dive deep and risk your life taking down a turret before that mark.

Also with zero turret push you cannot win games. You can enjoy your savages and KDA but an enemy MM with zero kills but insane turret damage will make you lose.

4. Magic damage

The burden of mages. Compared to atk, magic damage is mostly inflicted by mana consuming skills and targeted towards enemy heroes. Magic is meant to kill heroes. One source of magic damage may not be enough, especially if its single target. A "real" mage is always needed in a comp, if not available, two sources of magic damage.

Examples high MAGIC: All mages, especially Alice, Gord, Eudora, Lunox, Harith, Harley and the special case of Kimmy.

Other mages are fine, but some are underpowered like Chang'e and Zhask, and others have less reliable hits like Pharsa.

Heroes that have magic damage but NOT IDEAL as The Mage: tanks like Gatotkaca, Hylos and Uranus, assassins like Gusion, Selena, Karina, supports like Angela, Estes, Rafaela (early game)

5. Durability

What inspired this rage guide. Yes, tanks are responsible for soaking damage and frontline initiation, but they aren't enough depending on enemy team. One tank versus an enemy team without a tank is enough, but if the enemy team has an offtank fighter or two tank, you team should ideally be on par with durability.

  • Traditional crowd diving tanks: Gatotkaca, Minotaur, Tigreal.
  • Tanks that would be better with backline tank or an offtank: Johnson, Akai, Grock.
  • Tanks that better off as the second tank: Kaja, Balmond, Hilda, Uranus, Belerick (can work but ideally but passive kit), Franco (he stands behind the team), Hylos (bad against %dmg meta), Lolita (diving into enemy crowd doesn't allow her ultimate to hit).
  • Offtank/Durable heroes that aren't tank and still shouldn't be main tank: Leomord, Ruby, offtank Chou (less effective due to rework), offtank Martis, Lapu Lapu, Argus (5 secs invulnerability), Alice.

Note, fighters like Jawhead and Thamuz can also be build offtank, sacrificing ATK damage.

6. Crowd control

The ability to stun, knock, slow, immobilize the opponent. Each team should have one, especially area of effect CC. It allows your team to attack safely and inflict maximum damage. All roles may have some CC in them but tanks are expected to have one at least, while MMs and assassins usually have none or minimal.

  • Good area of effect CC: Gatot, Mino, Lolita, Johnson, Tigreal, Ruby, Martis, Aurora, Harith, Chou, Rafaela ult, Hanabi ult etc.
  • Good single/small scale CC: Lolita, Aurora, Angela, Chou, Franco, Hylos, Moskov, Uranus, Selena, Kaja, Chang'e etc.
  • Zoning (indirect CC): Valir, Nana's Molina, Selena's traps, Pharsa and Zhask
7. Item/Farm dependency

What weak teams fail to consider. Some heroes need more gold to be good and be ahead in items against the opponent. Some heroes need to get ahead of level asap to maximize damage and minimize risk of death in the offensive.

Assassins and ADC (attack, damage, carry) fighters need to level fast early game. Meanwhile, MMs or Carry mages who complete their core gear fastest will dominate. If your team eats too much farm to be effective, you will lose from a balanced team.

  • Need gold/farm to live and be useful: MMs and Hanzo.
  • Need to level up fast asap: Assassins most specially HANZO, Fanny, Hayabusa, Karina. ADC fighters like Martis, Chou, Jawhead, Leomord etc.
  • Need gold but still functional with less farm: mages and CC fighters like Ruby and Chou.
  • Least gold dependent: Tanks and supports (but dont leave them too poor, remember tanks without items die easily).

Also note: Give your MM/assassin the kill if its secured. Rafaelas and Angelas don't steal kills from carries as you need gold less. Don't play support if you like killing. The only exception of a Carry-Support is when your team sucks or there is an AFK, but otherwise don't.

Also if you take the most farm you're expected to damage and kill. If you can't you don't deserve jungle and last hits.

8. Early vs Late

In relation to farming, some heroes need a lot of time to warm up. Some need items to be able to kill effectively, while some work on stacks or scaling. Your team should have balance between early and late. Some teams risk it full early aggressiveness and finish the game fast.

  • Early game heroes: assassins generally except Natalia, supports like Angela and Rafaela benefit from good poking skills, Grock (he is good all throughout but he outdamages most heroes early game)
  • Mid game heroes: mages generally, after level 4 power spike and enough mana sustain they can secure kills better
  • Late game heroes: All MMs except Claude or possibly those fed early, Aldous, Chang'e, Belerick Tanks are varied, but they receive the same power spike at level 4. Also level 1-3 they cannot really take a lot of hits yet.
9. Mobility

Is high movement speed, dash, blink, ability switch lanes easily. Mobility is also being able to chase, escape, as well as the frequency of these skills. A mobile team can push more easily, jungle and help teammates around in the map.

Heroes with good mobility: All assassins, Claude, Karrie, Lesley, Alice, Kimmy, Harley, Johnson, Akai.

Fighters in general, like Chou, Jawhead, and Leomord etc. have good movement speed.

Angela and Aldous, (special case, cuz of global ultimate).

Tanks with some mobility: Gatotkaca, Lolita, Hylos.

Mobility is meta and notice that a lot of lower tier heroes are immobile like Layla, Clint, Zhask, Tigreal etc.

10. Counter

Is a new guide altogether but its mostly applicable in drafting because you can see the opponents. Some heroes shouldn't mix in the opponents team or you are doomed. Ban them or pick them in your team. Some notable counters:

  • Angela vs Aldous. Do not ever let enemy team get them both. Angela can also save someone that Aldo dives into.
  • Aldous vs MMs. If you pick a second MM against an Aldo, you deserve to derank to warrior.
  • Lolita vs MMs and projectile heavy mages. She can block attacks like Hanabi, Kimmy, Cyclops ult and Lunox beams.
  • Lunox vs all tanks except Lolita. This hero makes mage res useless and shreds tank easily.
  • Hylos vs %Dmg attacks. Hylos is an HP meat tank, meaning his high HP bites him back against Lunox, Karrie, Claude etc.
  • Chou/Kaja vs MMs and immobile mages. He can fish them out from your tanks.
  • Chou, Diggie, Aurora, Saber, Uranus, Kaja vs Fanny. Yes they can lockdown that annoying flying squirrel. This is the reason Fanny should be last pick.
  • Gatot/Belerick vs Claude. Gatot with Vengeance and S2 will kill a Claude using his Ultimate. Belerick will spit it back to him.
  • Rafaela vs Natalia. Nat is already in a sad state but what could be more sadder than a low tier support revealing her invisibility?
  • Minsitthar vs diving heroes. He traps them in his circle of friends and makes them unable to escape from nukers.
  • Anti Heal vs Regen/Lifesteal heroes. Yes, some people still don't know Necklace of Durance and Deadly Blade counters Alice, Alucard, Roger, Estes hard. Ruby is immune.

And many more.

11. Positioning

Heroes falls into frontline, backline and ambush. Tanks and some fighters are supposed to frontline, while some of them protect the backline.

MMs and ranged, squishy mages take the backline because they will die in front. Stay in the back.

Assassins and some fighters either ambush or end up as janitors. For ambush, they need to be undetected to inflict damage before getting CC's or having their prey run away. For this purpose they need a grass to hide or gank from another lane. Meanwhile, janitors are those who wait for a clash to finish before cleaning up low health opponents.

Also if the team has no frontline tank or offtank, everyone will be frontline. What happens is that players in a squishy team comp use each other as cover, which is sad and terrible to witness.

12. Area of Effect vs Single Target

More crucial in terms of damage and crowd control. AoE crowd control is very important as it can secure multiple kills in a clash. Some AoE skills like Claude's ultimate wipes teams.

The downside of AoE is that most of the time, it's punished by high cooldown, high risk and difficulty in execution. However, the game isn't just about clashes and some opponents avoid them and try to push or outfarm.

Single target damage is usually lower cooldown and good for securing/disabling the most dangerous opponent. For assassins, items like Fleeting time or passive skills allow them to repeat single target skills, but this need set up and skill to be executed.

13. DPS (damage per second) vs Burst

Its continuous vs instant. Fighters and MMs are mostly DPS while generally Mages and Assassins are geared towards burst. DPS can come from normal/auto attacks but need items more, while Burst damage usually come after level 4 power spike.

Both are needed and has pros and cons. A team with no burst may have a hard time against strong regen/lifesteal teams. A team with no dps may use up all their burst and end up with zero ammo while they wait for a long cooldown.

DPS is better late game, Burst better early game.

Thanks for all the users that contributed to the improvement of this guide, as your inputs helped me add some helpful information:

SOURCE: Pugita's Team Composition Guide


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This doesn't apply much in very low elo as people have lower hero pool, also you cannot see your opponent picks in classic/pre draft tiers. But if you're entering Epic you should be able to fill team compositions. While its not possible to own every meta hero, or...