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Hi guys! Although I have been pretty busy with my family life recently, I've managed to find time to play the whole damn day today, and boy was I surprised at how strong Alpha has become after what seems like 10 thousand buffs. I just came off a 12 game straight win streak soloQing tbh, so I'll be sharing the new item build, emblems choices and general tips to destroying some of the more popular opponents you'll face. I'm hoping this can help more people try out alpha and see how great he's become, as well as to answer some questions I've received from fellow alpha fans here.

So let's start with the the following three Item set. Each fo these are for different situations and you'll likely do best by selecting one that's best suited against your enemies during the loading phase after hero picking. Regardless of what you choose, the three main core items for alpha are eventually Boots Of Tranquilitys, Bloodlust Axe and Dominance Ice. These give you the ability to spam skills on a low CD, powerful heals as well as great mana pool as regen to stay on the battlefield as long as you want. You also want to start off with 2 mana pendants to use skills more frequently. Mana directly relates to HP sustain in Alpha's case.


ANTI-MAGE. The first set is best selected against an enemy team that has a very strong mage opponent that you'll be laning against, or any situations with 2 mages.

Boots Of Tranquility Bloodlust Axe Rose Gold Meteor Dominance Ice Blade Of The 7 Seas Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

STOP THEM HEALS, PLEASE. The second set is used when your enemy team doesn't have a strong mage like Kagura and Harley, but instead opts for strong melee heroes with great lifesteal like Roger, Alucard, Ruby, Hayabusa and Fanny. By going straight to your core Dominance Ice, you become tanky enough to fight and win any of these heroes early and the next Deadly Blade build up will ensure that they can't come back.

Boots Of Tranquility Bloodlust Axe Dominance Ice Deadly Blade Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen Blade Of The 7 Seas

EVERYONE ELSE. This is my default build, which prioritizes my own core and damage/bruiser items in the case that there isn't the above heroes in my enemy team. By skipping Rose Gold Meteor or Deadly Blade, we can quickly scale to our high damage and mobility item, blade of seven seas, and eventually deal a shit ton of damage with a Blade Of Despair (synergies well as your stun allows your attacks to deal higher damage too).

Boots Of Tranquility Bloodlust Axe Dominance Ice Blade Of The 7 Seas Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen Blade Of Despair


EMBLEM. My recommendation is to always go for something that provides CDR, follow by damage/hp/armor priority. Alpha's strengths lies in his beta procs as well as unlimited health with skill2 as long as he doesn't die. I personally use a maxed physical assassin emblem, but roamer is another good choice, and so is fighter.

SPELLS. The main meta spell for most fighters and tanks now are Petrify, and this is no exception for Alpha as he is able to jump in with his ult, providing a good 1second stun, and then prolong that stun with petrify.


However, if you're not into Petrify, another good choice will be Flicker or Execute. Flicker is great for escaping or finishing off an escaping enemy in clutch situation, while execute is meant to ensure that your full combo is able to delete one of your core enemies.

Flicker Execute

That all said, I still much prefer Petrify for its AOE impact. It's your call in the end.


After a shit ton of buffs, Alpha's skill2 now deals a lot of additional damage (90% from the spear and 40% from beta), in addition to the great heals and beta range buff.

SKILL TO MAX. So the brainless default choice is always to max skill2, using it as both an AOE damage and slow skill, as well as your main sustain skill.

However, if you're losing badly and can't seem to go out to fight, maxing skill1 is an option because at max level, it only has a 2.5seconds cooldown at max CDR, which allows you to trigger beta off on enemies from afar safely. This deals up to 1K pure damage each time beta procs so it's really not bad for you to consider, as a way to stop feeding if you can't enter. This is basically a problem that most fighters face, that if they're under leveled or underfarmed, they're too brittle and just die if they enter the fray of a battle. Alpha is able to avoid this situation to some extend on bad games due to skill1.

SKILL COMBO DURING THE PAST. I'd actually rate Alpha as a skill based hero that requires you to be good at distances to make huge impact plays, but it's no longer the case today. Both skill 1 and 2 have received huge buffs to their beta attack range. Skill 1's beta now hits in a wider line for example, and skill2 beta no longer just triggers on the outside layer of the spear, but the entire wide region that skill2 hits.

This is a huge buff because now anyone can trigger beta easily, and trust me, Beta is the reason Alpha is able to deal huge amounts of damage without needing to go YOLO DPS in items. I'm frequently the highest damage dealer in my games in addition to tanking the most damage AND dealing the most tower damage.

In the past, i would have recommended you do skill1 after ult and never skill2, but that's no longer the case. Feel free to do either skill1 or 2 after ult, based on your need to trigger beta faster (skill1) or do more damage and heal (skll2).

What's important to note is that to maximize damage output, you're still best using skills on succession to trigger beta during lane phase. That's done by making sure that you always have a skill available after hitting your enemy with beta once. Make your enemies fear you every time they have a marker on their head, and you're well on your way to dominate the game.

TL;DR: No specific skill combo, but make sure to use skills in succession.


LANING. Alpha is great in both lord lane as a Solo, and as a member of the trilane in higher tier gameplays. If your team is playing 2-1-2, he's fine as well.

With the heals from skill2, he really can't lose to any heroes in 1v1 once level2 reaches. I'm inclined to believe he is one of the strongest level2 hero as he is able to do double slows, massive heals off creeps and trigger beta pure damage at that point.

YOUR ROLE IN MID-GAME AND TEAMFIGHTS. A full burst damage (skill3-1-2-petrify-autoattack) from alpha is able to wipe out any enemy MM/mage that doesn't far out level you, and that's what exactly you're going to aim for in a team fight. Never jump in straight (with ult)into your enemy tanks at the start of the team fight as you leave yourself open to enemy back lines to freely rape you. Instead, you're able to simply use skill1 and skill2 to do damage and scare off front liners with beta, and only jump in with ult once your main target is readily in range for you to engage.

Can I go other items and still be as effective as the choices above? Absolutely, as long as you avoid all mage and crit based items you will find that they can work for your situations. While the mage items are obvious, the reason we want to skip crit items is simply that they work best only as a set (berserker fury with scarlet phantom for example), and alpha simply can't auto attack enough nor spare the space to make use of these crit items. Among all the other items, Hunter strike, endless battle, various tanky items like demons advent are all pretty good on alpha. My build simply goes for the best skill damage together with tankiness and CDR. Wings of Apocalypse is great because it provides sustain and defense against both mage and melee enemies, but let's say you don't care about mage attacks then demons advent is for sure better for example. Try around and see whatcha like.

Final Q&A against specific heroes

Some of the more popular heroes right now are Hayabusa in lord lane, Akai, Saber and Kagura. Knowing how to deal with them ensures that you have a huge advantage in winning a lot of your games as they sure as hell aren't as used to dealing with you. If you have any problems with specific heroes, leave me a holler here and I'll teach you how to exploit them.

Peace out and enjoy bros!


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Hi guys! Although I have been pretty busy with my family life recently, I've managed to find time to play the whole damn day today, and boy was I surprised at how strong Alpha has become after what seems like 10 thousand buffs. I just came off a 12 game straight...