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Hello guys, today I will be bringing you a guide on how to Helcurt, with a guest, u/azlanslayer.

Hero Overview

Helcurt is a squishy assassin with the ability to deal massive amounts of burst damage. He is picked as a counter to heroes who rely on their skills to do damage, such as most mages and assassins. Helcurt is one of the fastest farmers in the game due to his 2nd skill, and can easily gain a gold and XP lead on enemy heroes. His most notable skill is his ult, which is the only vision impairment skill in the game, thus synergising well with allied range heroes. If played well, he is a ganking monster with great team fight utility, and can single-handedly carry games. He works well in coordinated teams too, as an added bonus.


  • Absolutely destroys squishy heroes who rely on skills to escape
  • Farms like a god, clear waves and jungle with ease
  • Nightmare to deal with when fed
  • Passive silence is great vs mages and other assassins
  • Team fight utility with ultimate is unparalleled compared to other assassins
  • Chase is good with ult, doesn't have problems catching up with enemy heroes
  • Quite slippery, hard to catch with first-skill
  • Split push is good with fast wave clear and good tower pushing

  • Requires player to be ahead on farm on everyone, reliant on snowballing hard
  • Susceptible to losing to manfights, for example a Bruno kicking a Helcurt with same levels of farm to death, which basically means that you have to kill games fast and stay ahead
  • Extremely squishy, can be killed easily if out of position
  • 2nd skill is awkward to use
  • Looks quite small and unintimidating in game
Lanes and matchups

Helcurt is usually placed in top lane solo with enemy assassin. He doesn't want any laning partners as he is an extremely greedy hero.

Helcurt is best played against:

  • Squishy mages
  • Squishy assassins who rely on skills (Fanny, Gossen, Lancelot)
  • Basically anyone who can't outfight you without their skills


Get blue buff (top) fast to avoid mana problems. You should be able to clear waves fast as enemy assassin shouldn't be able to get close to minion wave without eating your skill 2, plus you have natural ability to clear waves fast. Rotate between jungle/lanes to get level 4 fast. Try to steal enemy jungle when they are too busy clearing minions. You should probably be ahead of enemy assassin by then. You can gank mid or try to kill enemy assassin with your ult. Always have map awareness as your ult can help your team in ganks and net you free assists. Turtle should be taken solo if you have lifesteal, otherwise allow your teammates to get it.

Mid game:

You should be ahead by at least 1000 gold by now. If you are not, try to reexamine your farming patterns. Helcurt is good solo and should be played aggressively in the mid game. Try to find solo enemy squishies and kill them. Take their jungle and take unattended towers. If your early-mid game goes well, congratulations, you are unstoppable. Capitalize on your gold lead and XP lead by killing and jungle. When you get level 12 (with lifesteal!), you can solo Lord and end. This is your time to shine, don't give any breathing space to enemy. If somehow your early game goes badly and you don't have much of a lead, resort to making space by split pushing. You are now Zilong 2.0. Only get easy kills and try to draw attention to yourself to free up farming space for your team. You should escape easily with first skill and ult.

Late game:

Ideally game won't go this late, because if MM and fighters can manfight you, you are essentially a walking ult, instead of the formidable assassin you should be. Helcurt's main strength is deleting people before they can retaliate, so if enemy Bruno can kick you to death and out-damage you, you will have a much slimmer chance of winning. Stick with team and don't go hunting for kills. Continue split push if possible. Silence key enemies (stick around them) and help your MM with your ult so they can free hit while enemy MM sees nothing.

Skill build, items and emblems

Prioritize skill 2 over skill 1, upgrade ult whenever possible.

There are two ways of building Helcurt, pure AD plus CDR (skill2 reliant) or basic attack killer (AD and attack speed). I personally go with basic attack killer, only because I like playing discount Natalia, but u/azlanslayer also recommends AD and CDR to maximize impact of skill 2 (playing to Helcurt's strength of instakilling squishies).

Haas's Claws Swift Boots Windtalker Berserker's Fury Immortality Blade Of Despair

My item build is not the optimal build for Helcurt, but if you are curious it goes Jungle Knife(280 Gold), Haas Claws>Swift Boots>Windtalker>Berserker's Fury>Immortality>Blade of Despair. My reasoning behind Haas Claws is so that I can manfight (covering weaknesses), Swift Boots (stack skill 2 fast), Windtalker (stack skill 2 fast), Berserker's Fury (For critical strikes, synergizes well with Windtalker), Immortality (free 2nd life and to protect against pesky magic nukes), BoD (damage). Item builds can go 2 ways, either you build items to accentuate your heroes strength or to cover their weaknesses.

Wizard Boots Berserker's Fury Scarlet Phantom Endless Battle Rose Gold Meteor Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

u/azlanslayer's basic attack build goes Wizard Boots(assist gold from ult)>Berserker Fury(crit)>Scarlet Phantom (AS for 2nd stacks, synergizes well with BF) >Endless Battle (A bit of lifesteal plus stats that Helcurt likes, passive which works when Helcurt spams his skill, all round good item) > Rose Gold Meteor (AD, magic resis and utility shield, not a pure defensive item) > Wings of Apocalypse (Apparently everyone builds it, it is a great item)

Wizard Boots Blade Of Despair Endless Battle Rose Gold Meteor Hunter Strike Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

His AD and CDR build goes Wizard Boots (assist gold) >Blade of Despair (strong powerspike by increasing skill 2 damage a lot)>Endless Battle (this time Endless Battle is built to burst enemy through it's unique passive faster) >Rose Gold Meteor (damage and magic resis, plus a shield) >Hunter Strike (CDR is nice for Helcurt who likes to spam skill 2) > Wings of Apocalypse (all around good item, CDR and HP is an added bonus)

Jungle Assassin Physical

Emblems recommended are Jungle and Assassin emblems, though high level Physical emblem could work. Talents I would recommend Bounty Hunter and High and Dry, rest of the talents don't synergise with him that well.

Retribution Petrify Purify

Pick Retribution, Petrify or Purify as battle spell. Retribution if you want to farm fast and play aggressive, Petrify if you think you lack disable, Purify if enemy are stacked with disables.

Miscellaneous tips

  • If you're chasing an enemy, try to just press your attack button then skill 2 so that it will follow the enemy orientation so not to miss skill 2
  • First skill during ult has an extra slow
  • 2nd skill also slows

My prowess on Helcurt: 25+games on GM smurf, 95+% winrate (kinda shit but I know how to play him so lol)

u/azlanslayer's prowess on Helcurt: Mythic player with over 700 stars, global top 8 Helcurt (nuff said)

Q and A with u/azlanslayer

So here are some questions that I asked him, so remember to thank him for his insight and analysis!

1) When will you pick Helcurt? Is he suitable for every game?

Helcurt currently is a top-tier pick as he is strong early game due to his skill 2 and with the current Meta of Lance, Gossen & Fanny, Helcurt is essential in any team composition. It is also because of his Ultimate.

2) What's your game plan when you pick Helcurt?

Generally, Helcurt is to farm up towards his items as well as to dominate his lane as his skill 2 absolutely just shreds anyone. Apart from that, Helcurt tends to go to the lane where Fanny is at (Lord Lane).

3) When are his powerspikes? Does he need specific items to start killing?

Helcurt is already strong early game because of his skill 2. He powerspikes once he gets his Ultimate and also once he gets his Blade of Despair. He doesn't need specific items, just items that increases his skill 2 damage.

4) What do you do when you are falling behind the enemy with Helcurt?

When this happens, you split push split push split push & farm. Helcurt is hard to catch if he has his ultimate.

5) What lanes does Helcurt work well with?

Any lane part from Mid.

6) What is Helcurt's place in this meta?

Top-Tier pick hero, especially with coordinated teams.

7) Which heroes does he counter and which heroes does he work well with?

He counters any heroes that focus on skills to deal damage. As mentioned before, he is used to counter Fanny, Gossen, Lancelot but this isn't limited to the wide range of squishies he can delete in matter of seconds.

8) Any miscellaneous tips and tricks you would like to share?

Petrify > Skill 1 > Skill 2 plus a few basic attacks is a dead enemy. If you're chasing an enemy, try to just press your attack button then skill 2 so that it will follow the enemy orientation (and not miss your skill 2) Retribution & Petrify is up to choice and there are two different builds for it.

Retribution build focuses on Attack Damage & Attack Speed (Jungle Emblem) Wizard Boots - Berserker Fury - Scarlet Phantom - Endless Battle - Rose Gold Meteor - Wings of Apocalypse

Petrify build focuses on Attack Damage & CDR (Assassin Emblem) Wizard Boots - Blade of Despair - Endless Battle - Rose Gold Meteor - - Hunter Strike - Wings of Apocalypse

And that's it! Nothing I say is set in stone, so feel free to comment your opinions, questions, tips, and basically anything about Helcurt. Special thanks to u/azlanslayer for helping me out.


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Hello guys, today I will be bringing you a guide on how to Helcurt, with a guest, u/azlanslayer. Helcurt is a squishy assassin with the ability to deal massive amounts of burst damage. He is picked as a counter to heroes who rely on their skills to do damage,...