Guide to Lapu-Lapu

I just got a 6-game win streak using Lapu-Lapu solo queuing (currently at Legend 2 rank) and so I decided to write this guide so everyone will start using our Pinoy boy! Yeees Pinoy Pride!

Lapu-Lapu is an underrated hero, and most likely if your teammate in ranked uses him he's going to suck really bad and end up feeding. But he has an UNTAPPED potential as an anti-assassin hero and will perform well in the current meta. Because not a lot of people are familiar with him or are good with him, he's often underestimated and so people will be surprised at the amount of damage he's going to deal.

After this guide you should be able to get familiar with Lapu-Lapu and know what he can and cannot do, and hopefully with a few practice games you'll be able to maximize his potential and carry your stars to infinity. So let's begin with the guide!


Lapu-Lapu is one of the real historical heroes indeed in the game, along with Zilong, Yi Sun-shin and Gatotkaca. He's a general of Mactan who basically led a force that slaughtered colonizing Spanish troops back in the 1500's. His kit in Mobile Legends probably pays homage to this, as he pretty much deals a heck amount of damage in team fights and kill kill kill's them all. Due to this, he is prone to be picked by Alutards who think they can 1v5 the enemy, and think they can do it with Lapu-Lapu as well and scream "y u no backup" after. (Seriously, why you no backup is probably one of the most cancer chat message in the game) Lately though he has not seen much use in both Classic and Ranked, which means you can have him all to yourself.

Lapu-Lapu is for you if:

  • You are comfortable with being a team charger, and only pick fights you can win.
  • You like using heroes such as Argus, Alpha, Alucard and are actually good with them.
  • You want to be largely in control of the outcome of the game and create Epic Comebacks (3 of my 6 win streak games were Epic Comebacks!)
  • Like playing tanky heroes that deal a great amount of damage.

Passive (Hero's Faith)
Lapu-Lapu will receive 1 layer of Bravery Blessing each time his abilities hit a hero. When stacked to 5 layers, his basic attack will deal extra damage (These basic attacks won't crit strike) and it will give him a shield that can offer 500 - 1200 HP of resistance (Grows with level).

It's important to watch your passive stacks, and as much as possible only begin doing full combos when you have it at full. This gives you an extra life during 5v5 teamfights and often gets your team to succeed when done properly.

Light Sword State Skills
Skill 1
1st Skill: Justice Blade (Cooldown: 10)
Casts two boomeranging blades of light forward. Each blade deals 120(+50%) physical damage to enemies hit on its way out and back, multiple hits at the same enemy only grant 1 stack of Bravery Blessing.

Your main creep wave clear and harass skill. This also helps you to add multiple stacks to your passive. If you're familiar with Nana's magic darts, this one pretty much does the same, and the darts follow you on the way back.

Skill 2
2nd Skill: Brave Stance (Cooldown: 8)
Charges with his twin blades, dealing 100(+50%) physical damage to enemies on the path, increasing his movement speed for a short time at hit of enemy hero.

Your gap closing/chase skill, the movement speed bonus helps in landing a few hits to secure kills. Also your escape skill. Basically the skill that makes him an assassin, with high mobility and a low cooldown he'll be tough to chase. In comparison to Saber's dash which has 14 cooldown, this one is better and takes you further, without the manacost and with more damage too.

Skill 3
Ultimate: Chieftain's Rage (Cooldown: 60)
Combines twin blades into one heavy sword and slashes forward, dealing 400(+200%) physical damage to enemies and stunning them for 0.8s, entering Heavy Sword state for 15s. Using this skill increases your physical and magical defense by 30 for 8 seconds.

This skill changes your entire skillset into the Heavy Sword State Skills, where your main source of burst damage is. A few patches ago, the defense buff from the 2nd skill was moved to this skill, which is a huge help as he's often focused after using his ulti.

It will be very hard to land this at times, as there's a 2 second channeling time that can be cancelled, and the animation still occurs even if the ulti doesn't happen, so imo the devs should be fixing that. So it's best to use the ulti from the bush. Like Lolita's ulti, the animation will be hidden which is a huge surprise factor.

Heavy Sword State Skills
Skill 1
1st Skill: Justice Blade (Cooldown: 8)
Casts a giant flying wheel forward, dealing 350(+150%) physical damage and slowing the enemies on the path.

After using ulti, this skill is casted first for the slow, and the damage dealt is huge.

Skill 2
2nd Skill: Brave Stance (Cooldown: 8)
Heavy Sword State - Charges with his heavy blades, dealing 250(+50%) physical damage to enemies on the path and slowing them.

Your gap closing/chase skill, the movement speed bonus helps in landing a few hits to secure kills. Also your escape skill. Basically the skill that makes him an assassin, with high mobility and a low cooldown he'll be tough to chase. In comparison to Saber's dash which has 14 cooldown, this one is better and takes you further, without the manacost and with more damage too.

Skill 3
Ultimate: Chieftain's Rage (Cooldown: 15)
Passive: In Heavy Sword state, basic attack damage is increased. Active: Whirls weapon, dealing 600(+200%) physical damage to nearby enemies.

In comparison to Eudora's ulti, hers is at 600+270% at the main target and 400+180% splash. Lapu-Lapu does equal amount of damage to everyone around him. This is his main burst skill, and it's important you be able to use it on important targets. At low level, you'll be able to use this once, so make it count

Skill Usage and Combos

Skill Prioritization to level up: ULT > Skill 1 > Skill 2

During a 5v5 or majority teamfight:

Skill 1 to stack passive > Skill 2 in to stack passive > AA to trigger shield > Ulti > Skill 1 to slow down enemies > Skill 2 to chase/escape > Skill 3 to kill


Skill 1 to stack passive > Skill 2 in to stack passive > AA to trigger shield > Ulti > Skill 3 to deal huge damage when multiple enemies are clumped together > Skill 2 to chase/escape > Skill 1 to slow > AA and Skill 1 again to kill

Battle spells

Retribution (Recommended)
It's highly suggested to only have 2 max on your team who pick Retribution. More than that, and you can adjust to a different spell if you think the others in your team are good enough to carry you. However, the extra farm will help you a lot, so as much as possible be one of the main junglers on the team. The recent buff to his passive also gives you passive stacks on jungle monsters, so it helps him to Jungle more effectively. With this skill, his farming potential is second only to that of Hayabusa and Fanny.

Take the blue buff whenever possible. The buff grants you 15% CDR, and skills Slows targets by 20% for 1.5s. With the item build and emblem set below, this will get you to 40% CDR and you will end up as a high damage dealer in the team.

A staple skill for tanky heroes and fighters, (even Zilong uses it) this skill is a huge help in avoiding enemy initiations, tower dives, and helps protect carries.

I haven't tried this yet, but I only suggest this if you're up against heroes with high mobility. As a fighter and especially in Heavy Sword State, it will be easy for damage dealers to kite you and be sitting ducks. So this skill helps close the gap with them more.

Purify is decent if you're up against Akai, as he is the most annoying to deal with who will constantly cancel your ulti and rob you of your damage dealing potential. It was recently reduced to 110 cooldown.
Emblem Set and Talents

Custom Tank Emblem
Shield 3/3 (Magic Res +12.00)
Inspire 1/3 (CDR +2.5%)
Fortress 1/3 (Armor +2.5%)
Purity 1/3 (Res +2.5%)

Talent: Tenacity
When health is below 40%, gains an increased 35 points of physical and magical defense.

Reasoning: Tank Emblem is my highest leveled set that's why I use it on him. The 12 points of Magic Resistance helps early game where Mage damage is at the highest. The Tenacity talent, coupled with WoAQ helps you soak damage more and help buy you time to cast more skills or escape.

Item Build

This is the main item build I use for all games, and is pretty versatile however the game goes.

Pillager Axe
Item 1 - Pillager Axe
Tier 2 Jungle item helps give you more defensive value. Take this when you've chosen Retribution as your spell, otherwise go ahead with the next item.

Bloodlust Axe
Item 2 - Bloodlust Axe
Core item and sustain. You pretty much heal the same amount of health from creeps as pre-nerf Saber, so it's best to build this fast. Once you have this, the CDR also helps you cast your Heavy State ulti twice.

Wizard Boots Magic Shoes

Item 3 - Wizard Boots / Magic Shoes

Take Magic Shoes if you know you won't be getting the buff. Otherwise, Wizard Boots is a solid option and works well with Tenacity and WoAQ. The higher your health means a higher 40% threshold for the passive of these effects to kick in.

Blade Of The 7 Seas
Item 4 - Blade of the 7 Seas
This ramps up your damage even further, and the penetration helps you deal more damage as you'll be facing a lot of tanks in the current meta.

Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen
Item 5 - Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
You can sell the axe at this point. With this and Tenacity, you'll be having Ruby levels of play at low health and can contest heroes such as Yi Sun-Shin, Zilong and Hayabusa. It buys you time for the surprise burst where your skill kicks in to kill them off.

Rose Gold Meteor Malefic Roar Blade Of Despair

Item 6-7 - Flexible

Rose Gold Meteor for mages such as Karina, Malefic Roar for multiple tanks, Blade of Despair when you're at an advantage.

Early game

If you've started off with the Retribution spell, set as recommended the Pillager Axe first and head to the non-turtle side. If your enemy team picks a Fanny or Hayabusa, it is most likely that you will face them there. If they are alone in the lane, tell your lane partner to switch to the other lane.

General tips is to try to outfarm these heroes and harass them enough to force them to go home. You can already gage their skill level during this phase, so if they're an expert Fanny who can do multiple ropes it's best to keep yourself safe. Try to keep them from taking the jungle crab too or time your Retribution right to steal it from them.

If you have not taken Retribution spell, it is best to head to the turtle side with a mage on your team, and it is likely that your team's "Retribution" hero will be heading to that other lane. With your mage's skills and your blades this can harass enemies and often bring you to an advantage. Try not to overextend though and time your passive right before tower diving so you can take the extra hits.

Try to check map as much as possible. If enemy is missing, keep your Skill 2 open and save it for when someone might appear from the bushes and rape you.

Mid to Late Game

In Mobile Legends, mid game starts early and after 5 minutes is usually where Lapu-Lapu shines the most, and so you have to start picking fights at this point. Make sure you assess the situation first, if you're at a disadvantage your team should play defensively and focus on farming first. Always make sure your shield is ready before diving in, as this extra life is a HUGE advantage for your team. Always focus on damage dealers, and NOT the support or tank. Map awareness and strategy doesn't come overnight, and takes a lot of practice. The key to playing Lapu-Lapu is being aware of every situation and what your team is capable of. Lapu-Lapu's strength is basically his potential in being able to outplay the S-tier assassins: namely Hayabusa, Fanny and Lancelot. You're basically a Ruby who is not only durable, but can delete these pesky flies with your burst damage.

Tips when your team is losing:
If you see assassins such as Fanny/Hayabusa/Natalia/Lancelot doing well and ahead on gold, you have to focus on at least matching their level and gold a bit before engaging, so keep farming and pushing lanes first. Your escape skill will allow you to be able to do this safely. Once you've caught up with them a bit, try to take them from a defensive point first, and force them to move back. Remember to help defending your towers as well, as lost towers WILL NOT spawn back and give gold to the enemy team.

Marksmen who are ahead on gold will be a lot tougher to match with first, but just as long as you're not late in the game yet, you could still stand a chance. I REPEAT try not to let the game drag on till late game where Layla and Lesley will be able to obliterate you. Do NOT let them recover or split push and focus on taking them out as much as possible. Lapu-Lapu's main weakness is his damage falls of late game, so end the game fast!

Heroes to watch out for as Lapu-Lapu

Below are some heroes that will give Lapu-Lapu a hard time, so it's best to proceed with caution.

An Akai knows best to target you first, and rob you of your damage dealing potential. You will know a skilled Akai when you face one, so take caution and make sure to avoid him at all costs, and focus on the squishies when given a chance.
Vexana is an underestimated hero who consistently deals god-level amounts of damage even without a blue buff. Her high five will keep you from initiating on her, so take caution and it's best to end the game fast as she is impossible to take out late game.

Nana Rafaela


It's hard to find a skilled Nana and Rafaela these days, but you'll know it when you're faced against one. Just hope that their teammates are stupid, or focus on playing defensively and splitpush when possible.

A god Fanny is always a painful time to deal with, and you will know it when she does the multiple ropes thingy. Lapu-Lapu is one of the few who stand a chance with her though, there can be times you can tank her wall spams enough to burst her down.
Another underestimated hero in the current meta, Minotaur counters a lot of initiations and willl do a very good job protecting his team.
Lapu-Lapu's friends/Heroes you want to team up with

Just as she counters you, she's also the best ally to have and both of you can turn the tide of teamfights tremendously, even when at a disadvantage. She's one of the key heroes in one of my epic comeback games.

Gusion Karina

Gusion and Karina

Your bursts will deal huge amount of damage and lower the enemies' health, allowing for easy kills for Karina. Gusion helps to chase escaping heroes you can't reach.

Minotaur Tigreal

Minotaur and Tigreal

Two off meta tanks who are usually shrugged off due to the small amount of damage they can deal. Not to worry though, as you'll be dealing the damage for them!

Some examples of game results

[p]Image 1

Lesley ended up feeding early on, Zilong kept ganking mid and was able to destroy it fast. We were at a huge disadvantage, but we managed to take out Cyclops at bot lane, and take on Lord early (the rest of them were all at top lane). They proceeded on being uncoordinated afterwards, and so we won the game.

Image 2

I went solo top against Akai here. Lancelot and Karrie were pretty good early on, and we were at a disadvantage. We focused on playing defensively, and ultimately when they were going for Lord, we waited for the last 1/3 health of Lord before rushing in. I focused on taking out both Lancelot and Karrie and was successful and we got Lord from them. The last teamfight was a baited Hilda who charged at me while I was using the 2nd skill to move back, and Minotaur using a fully-erect ulti at their team's face while I used my ulti.

Image 3

An example of Lapu-Lapu and Vexana's ultimate power. We were behind on gold early on, and Cyclops and Hayabusa were doing a decent job. My teammates here kept on telling me to get the blue buff for some reason, even if I wanted them to have it. So I did, and one teamfight later and we managed to wipe out four of them even when behind on gold. And push to the second tower of bot and mid lane. Hayabusa ended up stealing Lord, however, but we moved back a bit and played defensively. The last teamfight ended up with me and Gusion focusing on Cyclops and Angela, while Hayabusa was easily caught by Vexana's highfive and ulti.


So that's about it for the guide! Feel free to ask around if you have any more questions, and I hope this helps you to destroy stuff with Lapu-Lapu! I suggest practicing with him in classic mode first and watching livestreams. It will be hard to find decent livestreams though, as even the top Lapu-Lapu players suck sometimes.


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I just got a 6-game win streak using Lapu-Lapu solo queuing (currently at Legend 2 rank) and so I decided to write this guide so everyone will start using our Pinoy boy! Yeees Pinoy Pride! Lapu-Lapu is an underrated hero, and most likely if your teammate in ranked...