Complete and actual Sun guide

Discord knows I had a very long theorycrafting/experimenting session on Sun. It's time to share the results.

First of all, lets agree on this one: Sun is silently patched from time to time. Last time it was huge silent (literally, zero info in patch) rework, when his clone healing was changed to base clone AD from just being ~120/hit, meaning all proven old builds suddenly cried in terror and died. Just in case, this guide is written for game version

Right. So. Now sun is healed for AD value of the clone each time clone hits something (excluding towers). And clone AD is 30% of base Sun AD. That means.. it's time to stack AD like mad. At high end, sun is healed 200-300 hp/hit from each hit, and in ulti you have 2 clones. Your survivability raises same time you raise your killing power (and tower whacking power, because that's raw AD without crit) - skills and autos now hit like mad. And clones are much much tougher now - they don't die fast, they can even tank 8 turret shots each. That means they can contribute in teamfight now.


Warrior Boots
Warrior Boots
The core adjustment I've made in latest build is moving from full ASPD/AD to cheap cost-effective tanky items. This is one of them. If enemy don't have physical damage and main damage would be magic, then build magres boot. Small armor means really much since armor has diminishing returns, would assume to be ~1.3x times tougher.

Haas's Claws
Haas's Claws
Sustain like mad, and cheap AD too. You can click "attack minion" button most of the time and just ignore one enemy to clear the wave.

Blade Of Despair
Blade of Despair
Yes, you heard it right. Full AD. Time to whack them towers. Build legion swords first.

Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen
Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
This is our key to success in player combat. The amound of damage you can tank with this item is extreme. Time to abuse our clone healing potential. CDR/Lifesteal is good too. Only thing you are missing in wings is that it's not another Blade of Despair to whack towers harder, but it gives you ability to escape hard situations or live longer if you decide to suicide bomb tower with "attack tower" button.

Blade Of Despair
Blade of Despair

Malefic Roar
Malefic Roar
More %damage to towers, more %damage to any player, and now will hurt tanks very hard.


CDR/Regen/-15% support. You really need the regen part - he is mana hungry. CDR is very nice, you are usefull in battle only in ulti, and can spam 1/2 faster.

Make enemies fear the split even if it's only minions walking. Punish them by stealing towers if they don't react. Free healing (or saving tower) on the beginning of the game.

Focus on the objectives.

Early game objective is to level/gold advantage of you and your team, and not losing towers. That means sneak turtle if you can. Fight for crab. Clear the waves and harrass them. Don't need to actually be greedy and go for kills. Just be there, always ready to commit. If the situation is right, ULTI -> skills do the kills very fast.

At approximately lvl6 you can try to find the least protected turret and just go to kill it.

Rest of the game, you push. Don't jungle, only jungle if there is nothing else to do. Kill the minions, kill the towers. Find the weak spots and hit them. It's generally not your job to stop pushes either (doesn't mean you don't do that if you really need).

You can start hitting towers faster than your minions go in range by releasing your ulti (or clone behavior buttons, talk about that later). Go near the edge on tower range, press ult, clones start attacking tower, tower locks on clones first. Go in and attack. Save 2nd to escape.

In case enemy appears, estimate if you can take the tower faster than you die in case opponent fully locks on you and you just press attack tower button. 70% of the time it is well worth the risk. To stop you from killing tower, opponent needs either to kill you(without tower damage, tower starts attacking only if you damaged a hero, not when hero damages you) or kill all the minions that support your push - both tasks take a lot of time (unless some very good AoE against minions and lock on them specifically).

This is game about objectives. Towers is objective. Nexus is objective. Your team fights and dies just to kill those towers. If you take the tower and died - you did well. Tower gives gold advantage to team, your death gives advantage only to the killer. So you only need to be successful at this task -- don't fight the towers you cannot win :)

Once you split - enemy needs to countersplit (or fully focus) to stop you. Your team must take that time to push some other lane. And with arrival, you can push one lane, opponent appears, you go push other lane - props are, nobody there, and that would take time for them to properly react. Teamfight only when necessary and only with short burst - once you've moved in, wasted your skills and whacked someone with clones, you are pretty much useless. Don't waste time. Go split. Arrival for split if you can.

Clones are decoys

Don't dare saying that autos lock on real one. Try find real one when you spam skills. Try to find real one once you are MM that tries to stay at the edge of your range. And try to do that with bushes around.

Manual control buttons aren't very useful, it wouldn't be very bad if you don't touch them at all. But if you want higher levels of trickery, those buttons are for you.

If you see yellow button, than means your clones in "follow" mode. They attack anyone (including minions and towers) around you and target anyone you target (they will whack tower in case you lock on it). They will move around you and retreat once you retreat far enough. If they fail to move as fast as you, they will just be teleported at you.

If you see blue button, than means your clones in "attack" mode. They will stand right where they stand right now, and will attack and follow minions and heroes. They will now move with you, and they will not attack jungle. They will stay in the area even if you teleport back to base.

Trick #1: Go to attack mode when moving, go to follow mode so your clone teleports right at you and don't waste time moving around.

Trick #2: When retreat and have them on your tail, go to attack mode. They will guard the place where you were and won't follow you, acting as a better decoys, attacking (and healing you) everyone enters the area. Can even leave them in a bush and move to another one.

Trick #3: Leave the clone at friendly tower so opponent won't decide to push it, and go roaming.

Trick #4: Leave clone far behind, go in tower range and click follow. Clone appears and attacks tower, you go out of tower range. Use this one when ulti isn't up.

Very important

Enable "attack minion" and "attack tower" buttons in the settings. Those are your bread and butter.

Gameplay videos

Old videos #1 #2 with full AD/ASPD builds.


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Discord knows I had a very long theorycrafting/experimenting session on Sun. It's time to share the results. First of all, lets agree on this one: Sun is silently patched from time to time. Last time it was huge silent (literally, zero info in patch) rework, when...