Team Composition Guide

This doesn't apply much in very low elo as people have lower hero pool, also you cannot see your opponent picks in classic/pre draft tiers. But if you're entering Epic you should be able to fill team compositions. While its not possible to own every meta hero, or have a counter ready for picks, a player must know a balanced team. Here are the factors a team should consider. Synergy (summary of the guide) Attack damage Push Magic damage Durability Crowd control Item/Farm dependency Early vs Late game Mobility Counter Positioning AoE vs Single target DpS...

by /u/pinkpugita (5549 views) January 4, 2019

Anti Meta Hilda Guide

So, we all know no one's using Hilda in ranked anymore, and there's even no one who has her Mentor Program skin (Please Moonton how the hell can I get that skin now?) With her recent buffs I've used her to some success, especially against certain meta heroes. She also has advantages over most, if not all, assassins. Gusion, Natalia, Selena, and Helcurt pretty much. Fanny as well. If there's an Angela on your team, it's a scarier combo than Leomord&Angela or Aldous&Angela. For enemies, bushes are not safe. The key to playing Hilda is TO NOT PLAY HER WITH TANK ITEMS. She's the most...

by /u/kaylankonnor (2112 views) December 12, 2018

Valir Guide: The Offensive Firebender

In homage to my favorite Avatar character Zuko, I decided to buy Valir in spite of him being overall lackluster, and even if I'm writing this guide, I still don't recommend y'all to use Valir in Ranked games. I only have = 2 tanks, or fighters/initiators and relies on their charging to win games. The enemy does NOT have >=2 assassins such as Fanny, Hayabusa, especially Saber. An exception would be Gusion, which Valir somewhat counters in a way. He can also reveal Natalia with his skills. You like burst mages with an extra layer of protection against ganks. The 2nd skill (Searing...

by /u/kaylankonnor (1232 views) June 1, 2018

Helcurt guide

Hello guys, today I will be bringing you a guide on how to Helcurt, with a guest, u/azlanslayer. Helcurt is a squishy assassin with the ability to deal massive amounts of burst damage. He is picked as a counter to heroes who rely on their skills to do damage, such as most mages and assassins. Helcurt is one of the fastest farmers in the game due to his 2nd skill, and can easily gain a gold and XP lead on enemy heroes. His most notable skill is his ult, which is the only vision impairment skill in the game, thus synergising well with allied range heroes. If played well, he is a ganking...

by not_a_robot_just_guy (3343 views) March 1, 2018

Complete and actual Sun guide

Discord knows I had a very long theorycrafting/experimenting session on Sun. It's time to share the results. First of all, lets agree on this one: Sun is silently patched from time to time. Last time it was huge silent (literally, zero info in patch) rework, when his clone healing was changed to base clone AD from just being ~120/hit, meaning all proven old builds suddenly cried in terror and died. Just in case, this guide is written for game version Right. So. Now sun is healed for AD value of the clone each time clone hits something (excluding towers). And clone AD is...

by Divniy (1419 views) February 27, 2018

Guide to Lapu-Lapu

I just got a 6-game win streak using Lapu-Lapu solo queuing (currently at Legend 2 rank) and so I decided to write this guide so everyone will start using our Pinoy boy! Yeees Pinoy Pride! Lapu-Lapu is an underrated hero, and most likely if your teammate in ranked uses him he's going to suck really bad and end up feeding. But he has an UNTAPPED potential as an anti-assassin hero and will perform well in the current meta. Because not a lot of people are familiar with him or are good with him, he's often underestimated and so people will be surprised at the amount of damage he's going to...

by /u/kaylankonnor (1727 views) February 26, 2018

Rafaela guide

After reading this, you should be able to: Know what Rafaela can do for her teammates and enemies. Understand why she's not picked very often. Understand her skillset. (Hopefully) Maximize her potential. Know what she isn't (she's not a healer so shut up). Rafaela is the first pure support hero introduced into the game. Now when someone mentions support in MMO and such, people would naturally think of support traditionally as Clerics, Medics, and Bards who excels at buffing teammates and healing. Looking back at Rafaela, she is more like a bard who could great at...

by MilkNTea (1084 views) December 5, 2017

Hero guide for Alpha

Hi guys! Although I have been pretty busy with my family life recently, I've managed to find time to play the whole damn day today, and boy was I surprised at how strong Alpha has become after what seems like 10 thousand buffs. I just came off a 12 game straight win streak soloQing tbh, so I'll be sharing the new item build, emblems choices and general tips to destroying some of the more popular opponents you'll face. I'm hoping this can help more people try out alpha and see how great he's become, as well as to answer some questions I've received from fellow alpha fans here. So let's...

by cyword (1323 views) September 30, 2017

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